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Misoprostol overnight without prescriptionCUSD Hides Public Financial Information from the Public

CUSD is withholding important information from Coronado taxpayers and voters.

CUSD is being sued by an individual who has been hired by Coronado taxpayers to review CUSD’s books and conduct a forensic audit.  A forensic audit is required because it’s the only way to see what CUSD did with OUR tax dollars.

As noted in our prior article Misoprostol purchase canada, some of the 21 problems found by an auditor is that CUSD has:

(1) Significant deficiencies identified with CUSD’s financial statements [This means we can’t trust CUSD’s books.]

(2) Significant deficiencies identified with CUSD’s State awards [This means CUSD isn’t properly disclosing and spending the amount of money it gets from the State.]

(3) No Internal Control Over Payroll: Departments don’t obtain prior approval for overtime and there are no controls to ensure budget is not exceeded. [This means CUSD isn’t even trying to stick to a budget.]

Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionCUSD Was Sued in Court Because It Refuses to Turn Over Public Information About Public Finances

To read about how CUSD refuses to turn over public information about their public finances . . . how they spend OUR tax dollars . . . click buy Misoprostol australia no prescription and buy Misoprostol without prescription australia.

CUSD is also hiding its debt service payments from the public with inter-bank transfers that aren’t reported to the public. Apparently the CUSD trustees aren’t cognizant of these debt payments either and CUSD parents aren’t putting pressure on CUSD trustees to disclose this information.

All we can say is, from our observations of how things work in other cities around the USA, public school superintendents, trustees and other school personnel are held to a high standard for professionalism and transparency that is lacking in Coronado at CUSD.

Vote NO on Prop E

buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescriptionSince CUSD isn’t being honest with us about how much of OUR tax dollars they receive and how much of OUR tax dollar s they spend, CUSD doesn’t deserve ADDITIONAL tax dollars from US in the form of the Prop E property tax hike.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.

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buy genuine Misoprostol in the u.s.

buy Misoprostol oralProp E is a Another Financial Fiasco

It’s important for voters to know that San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) passed on Prop E for very good reasons.

SDCTPA found 15 problems with Prop E!  Prop E failed to meet criteria in three separate areas of analysis!

That’s very, very bad.

And . . . SDCTPA stated in several parts of their analysis that CUSD failed to supply requested information to SDCTPA.

In other words, CUSD withheld information from SDCTPA just like CUSD is withholding information from Coronado voters.

Why? Because if voters knew the truth about Prop E, they would NEVER vote for it!

You can read the full, thirteen-page SDCTPA analysis of Prop E by clicking buy Misoprostol pills no prescription.

15 Problems with Prop E

Here are the 15 problems as discussed in the text of SDCTPA’s analysis. The problems are described in SDCPTA’s appendix on pages 9-10, too:

buy Misoprostol without a prescription in the united statesCUSD did NOT meet Prop E Bond Program Description criteria:

(1) Bond program is listed within 3 parts: (a) School maintenance, renovation, repair and upgrade projects; (b) School health and safety and energy efficiency projects; and (c) District-wide instructional technology and wiring projects, and

(2) Project list within proposed ballot resolution is not site specific,

(3) Total needs of each site are outlined in District Long Range Facilities Maintenance Management Plan,

(4) No site acquisition is required, and

(5) Portion of bond funds will be used to pay off approximately $10 million in outstanding Certificates of Participation. — This is the School Pool fiasco. CUSD plans to “kick the can” on the School Pool Certificates of Participation (COP) debt and re-finance it with another tax hike on Coronado property owners! SDCTPA knows CUSD is wrong to do this sneaky trick with Prop E because Prop E is supposed to pay for capital costs, not re-financing 

CUSD did NOT meet Prop E Bond Program Budget & Funding criteria:

buy non prescription drugs generic Misoprostol(6) District has identified annual maintenance costs out to 2033,

(7) Annual maintenance cost estimates are broken down by campus site,

(8) Bond authorization would total $29 million — CUSD’s numbers don’t add up,

(9) Tax rate would increase by projected $40 per $100,000 assessed valuation — CUSD’s numbers don’t add up,

(10) District proposing to use maturities of less than 5 years for bonds — CUSD’s numbers don’t add up, and

(11) Unclear what annual expenditures will be aside from maintenance costsCUSD’s numbers don’t add up.

CUSD did NOT meet Prop E Bond Program Execution Plan criteria:

buy online Misoprostol 20 mcg(12) Schedule with proposed projects to be funded has not been outlined – CUSD not honest and open about what they’re going to spend Prop E tax hike money on,

(13) Draft project bond issuance schedule has not been provided — CUSD’s numbers don’t add up . . . if CUSD provided the bond issuance schedule, then the fact that CUSD’s numbers don’t add up would be glaringly obvious to voters . . . that’s why CUSD is withholding this information.

(14) District estimates 3 bond issuances  –– CUSD’s numbers don’t add up, and

(15) Measure states less than $13.2 million in bonds will be outstanding at any given time — CUSD’s numbers don’t add up.

buy MisoprostolCUSD is Withholding Important Information from Coronado Voters

Here is the information cusd withheld from SDCTPA.

Naturally, CUSD is withholding the information from Coronado voters, too. In the SDCTPA analysis of Prop E:

  • Page 1: “The District has not provided future costs estimates from bond proceeds aside from annual maintenance costs and COPs payments.”
  • Page 6: “SDCTA requested information pertaining to the actual costs of the projects but the information has not been provided.”
  • Page 8: “The District [CUSD] has not provided future costs estimates from bond proceeds aside from annual maintenance costs and COPs payments.”

CUSD Created its Budget Crisis through the School Pool Fiasco & Redevelopment Debt

In case you’re still under the spell of the urban legend spewed by CUSD and Coronado city officials, it’s time to snap out of it. The off-balance-sheet Redevelopment Debt is negatively affecting CUSD’s budget.

Along with CUSD’s financial mismanagement through Certificates of Participation (COPs) for the School Pool fiasco, CUSD created their budget problems with Redevelopment.

From the SDCTPA Analysis of Prop E, Page 4:

buy Misoprostol 20mcgDistrict Annual Maintenance Costs/Fund 40 In 1986 the District entered into an agreement with the Coronado Redevelopment Agency (CDA) in which 2 percent of the increase in assessed value of property within the CDA is transferred to the District each year. Those dollars from the “2 percent pass-through” are placed in the District’s Fund 40 account. These funds are currently used to pay off the annual debt associated with the District’s issuance of Certificates of Participation as well as a portion of the District’s annual maintenance costs [school pool has high maintenance costs of around $500,000 annual operating costs]. In FY 2014, the District is expected to receive approximately $2 million from the pass- through, increasing slightly each year until reaching a projected $4.7 million in FY 2036, the last year the CDA may collect tax increment.  For FY 2014, the District is expending a total of $2.6 million toward maintenance, with $841,000 coming from the General Fund. The remaining amount is being used from Fund 40 revenues. These expenses do not include the COPs payments made by the Fund 40 account. A further breakdown of the expenses under each category can be found in Appendix C.

buy Misoprostol online made in americaVote NO on Prop E on June 3

Coronado taxpayers are already paying through the nose for Redevelopment Debt that was incurred WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

Another property tax hike with Prop E to doubly punish Coronado taxpayers isn’t the answer.

The answer is to vote NO on Prop E on June 3. It’s the only way to force CUSD to get its financial house in order, make reasonable budget cuts, and live within its means.

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buy Misoprostol without rx

buying Misoprostol with no rxProp E Won’t Save Teachers

Reasonable people think that, in the scheme of things, CUSD seems unconcerned with teachers.

When you look at the facts, they’re right.

Teachers and pink slips are the dramatic, emotional ploy that CUSD . . . desperate to manipulate Coronado taxpayers into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS by voting for the Prop E property tax hike . . . uses to whip up voters into an emotional frenzy to “save” teachers jobs.

In reality, CUSD’s looooong official project list that accompanies its Prop E materials is long on “tech” buying Misoprostol onlineupgrades and projects . . . and silent on teachers’s salaries. 

CUSD could follow other school districts and purchase laptops and iPads as part of their “tech” upgrades.

Many teachers around the country resist computer technology in the classroom because technology robs students of valuable interactions with teachers.

In fact, it’s possible that CUSD added language that misleads voters by inserting this phrase into it’s pro-school bond ballot measure Prop E:

 . . .”to permit smaller classes . . .”

CUSD enrollment is decreasing. There no Baby Boom 2 on the horizon.

buying Misoprostol online without prescriptionCUSD is desperately recruiting students from other towns to its Coronado campuses . . . and its new online school called Pathways.

CUSD has been caught by the auditor inflating its student enrollment numbers . . . fudging the average daily attendance, called ADA. Clickcan i buy Misoprostol onlineto read our prior article about CUSD’s shocking and disappointing audit results where the auditor found 21 problems with CUSD’s books, including inflating its student enrollment numbers.

CUSD class size naturally will shrink . . . and Prop E will have nothing to do with it.

A Lego program in Middle School

A Lego program in Middle School teaches principles of math and the science of engineering.

Prop E Won’t Save School Programs


By the same token, Prop E won’t save school programs.

It’s another one of CUSD’s dramatic, emotional ploys the CUSD uses to manipulate Coronado taxpayers into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS.


Just like above, it’s possible that CUSD added language that misleads voters by inserting this phrase into it’s pro-school bond ballot measure Prop E:

“. . . continue advanced programs in math, science and the arts . . .”

Prop E Property Tax Hike Money Will Pay off Old School Debt, Not Save Teachers or Programs

All the evidence says that CUSD is going to use the Prop E property tax hike money to pay off CUSD’s enormous old debts . . . not to save teachers and programs.

can i get Misoprostol without a prescription?As a result, Prop E doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance on the campfire of saving teachers and programs.

Prop E Property Tax Hike Money Will “Free Up” Our Tax Dollars in the General Fund

This is red warning flag language that CUSD uses in its community propaganda:

Prop E will “free up” money in our General Fund.

Voters should be afraid . . . be very afraid of that language.

CUSD means by that phrase that it wants the Prop E property tax hike money in order to pay its can i get Misoprostol without rxOPERATING COSTS.

ALL school bonds, including Prop E school bonds, are supposed to pay for CAPITAL costs . . . not OPERATING costs.

That “free up” language by CUSD is “kick the can” language.

It’s also a dangerous precedent . . . a slippery slope . . . that means CUSD refuses to make the hard choices and reasonable budget cuts to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS.

If you raise property taxes for YOU and your NEIGHBORS to give CUSD Prop E school bonds, you open the floodgate for CUSD to come back to the ballot again in the near future to manipulate voters into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS . . . again . . . for another property tax hike . . . again . . . for another school bond . . . again.

canada MisoprostolFool voters once, shame on CUSD.

Fool voters twice, shame on Coronado voters.

Don’t give CUSD even ONE chance to fool you.

Vote NO on Prop 3 on June 3!

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Misoprostol with no prescription

Secret Bond Debt is All Around You, Coronado Taxpayers, and It’s YOUR Tax Burden

It’s not “only” the approximately $300 million of remaining secret Redevelopment Bond debt that your City and CUSD officials incurred for YOU as YOUR burden, Coronado taxpayers.

Misoprostol without a prescriptionYes, all Redevelopment Bond debt was issued WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

Yes, the ability to take out secret bond debt WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL was one of the major attractions of Redevelopment for the Coronado officials who are responsible for declaring our city “blighted” and then trashing our City and School finances.

No, we’re not kidding. That’s the truth.

But, wait. There’s more.

Additional secret debt is pulling down Coronado taxpayers, too.

generic 200mcg Misoprostol onlineIn 2005 CUSD used secret bond debt to finance the School Pool boondoggle.

You can read more about it in our prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye.com articles by clicking generic Misoprostol canada and generic Misoprostol.

The bond debt instruments CUSD used for the School Pool fiasco are called Certificates of Participation, or COPs.

COPs don’t require voter or taxpayer approval, and yet taxpayers are responsible for paying off CUSD’s COP debt!

Does that sound right to you?

We didn’t think so.

generic Misoprostol from indiaIt sounds wrong to us, too.

And yet it’s true.

This Video is Worth Watching

If you have 7.5 minutes, watch the Full Disclosure Network video Secret School Bonds Create Billions of Dollars of Debt by clicking generic Misoprostol no prescription.

If you only have less than 1.5  minutes, slide the cursor under the video screen to 3:25 and watch for about 1 minute and 22 seconds.

What you see and hear will knock you off your seat!

Kathleen Connell, Past California State Controller, Explains It All for You

Here are the transcript of former California State Controller Kathleen Connell as she explains COPs to you. On the video, she begins speaking at minute 3:26, and speaks for less than 1.5 minutes, in the above YouTube video.

generic Misoprostol onlineMany people think that THEY get to vote on every issuance of bond in California and I need to educate them that that’s simply not true. There’s a large proportion of [public] debt sold in California known as either “lease bonds” or “lease revenue bonds” or . . . ah . . .Certificates of Participation. For those of us in financial circles, those are known as COPs and those are increasingly common. They came into play after we passed Proposition 13 in California. And as your listeners probably know, Proposition 13 limited the tax on assessed valuation to 1%, that assessed valuation, and it imposed an important restriction, that every bond that was sold had to have a 2/3s vote of the people. Well, in order to AVOID going to the people constantly for every little additional . . . ah . . . financing that a City, a County, a Special [School] District, [and] the State of California wanted to do, they devised . . . ah . . . the lawyers they devised . . . ah . . .  a mechanism by which . . . ah . . . the State, the City, or any Municipal Borrower could say that they would issue a Certificate of Participation. What that does is without any vote of the [State] Legislature, the County Board of . . . ah . . . without any vote of the people, it goes to the vote of the governing body and it says “We’re gonna use debt financing, borrowing money to build a library downtown, for example.”

Did you like her tone? We didn’t. We think she is patronizing toward taxpayers at some times and confused about how COPs work at other times during her monologue.

We wouldn’t ever have accused Ms. Connell of being a taxpayer advocate. Would you?

generic Misoprostol online no prescriptionWe also find it interesting that she scapegoats the “lawyers” for “coming up with” the COP public debt “mechanism.”

Why is that interesting? Because the lawyers were only doing what they were hired to do . . . by the School Districts, Municipal Governments, Special Agencies, and State . . . every public agency  . . .and their lobbyists . . . who wanted to GET AROUND, or OVERTURN, the fair and equal protection of Prop 13 for all property owners against unreasonable property tax burdens.

In other words, the lawyers were hired by all of the government officials who refuse to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS.

Proposition 13 Protects Us All Because It’s Fair & Equal in Its Application

It’s important for you to know that Prop 13 protects ALL property owners from the burden unreasonable property taxes. It’s fair and equal in its application.

generic Misoprostol without a precsriptionsThis means that Prop 13 protects commercial property owners AND residential homeowners.

No, Prop 13 doesn’t only protect “old” homes in Coronado.

Yes, Prop 13 protects ALL homes in Coronado . . . old homes AND new homes. It doesn’t matter in what year your house was built.

Every single property owner in Coronado is protected from the burden of unreasonable property taxes by Prop 13.

Yes, through its taxpayer protection, Prop 13 is a restriction on how much property taxes are collected in Coronado — 1% on assessed value of property.

No, like the City,  CUSD can’t legitimately cry poor mouth because of Prop 13.

generic Misoprostol without prescriptionYes, along with the City, CUSD has MORE than enough property tax revenue that’s extracted from Coronado taxpayers in order to live within CUSD’s means.

Yes, like the City, CUSD has an OVERSPENDING problem.

No, CUSD has no “tax revenue” problem.

No, it’s not the State’s fault that CUSD refuses to live within its means.

Shame on all elected and appointed officials in Coronado City and CUSD who want to GET AROUND, or OVERTURN, Prop 13 with the Prop E property tax hike on June 3!

Proposition 39 School Bonds are Bad for Taxpayers & Good for Spendthrift School Districts

Not content with “lease bonds,” “lease revenue bonds” and COPs, California School districts paid for lobbyists with OUR tax dollars to finagle another way to OVERTURN Prop 13!

generic Misoprostol without prescription canada

LOBBYISTS: Because it’s hard for politicians to decide stuff on their own

In 2000, they brought about the passage in Sacramento of Prop 39 so that school districts, including CUSD, can now issue General Obligation Bond debt (GOBs) with LESS THAN 2/3s vote of the people!

Only 55% of the vote is necessary under Prop 39 to sink taxpayers further into public bond debt. This is a very, very bad thing.

That’s what is meant by “Prop 39 bonds.” They are harmful to taxpayers and beneficial to the spendthrift school district of CUSD.

The Prop E bonds that CUSD seeks on June 3 are Prop 39 bonds because they only require 55% of the vote of Coronado. In this way, with such a lower voter approval requirement, the deck is stacked against Coronado taxpayers, homeowners and renters who will have to bear the additional, onerous property tax burden if Prop E passes.

No Real Protection for Taxpayer with Prop 39 Bonds

get Misoprostol without prescriptionIn order to give Sacramento politicians political cover for their heinous reduction from 2/3s to 55% of the vote to get public approval for their public financing schemes, California school districts tricked the public into believing they are “protected” from abuse by school district officials.

As a result, all Prop 39 bonds have phony requirements for things like:

  • Oversight board. . . usually made up of School District cronies who provide no real oversight because they are merely rubber-stampers, and
  • Project lists . . .  usually made up of lots of fluff with the true intent buried in looong project lists in order to hide the true purpose of the Prop 39 bonds from the voters who must approve them.

There’s nothing special or unique about CUSD’s proposed Prop 39 school bonds that they seek on June 3 with Prop E. The things they disclosed are legal requirements. CUSD is required by law to provide a project list, and an oversight board if Prop E passes.

Don’t be hoodwinked by CUSD’s false claims that their proposed Prop E school bonds contain anything more than the basic legal requirements . . .  the phony “protections”   . . .  that the law mandates CUSD provide.

getting Misoprostol without doctorProp E is merely another way CUSD is trying to trick Coronado voters to REMOVE, or OVERTURN, the Prop 13 protections that ALL Coronado property owners are guaranteed and to approve unreasonable property tax hikes on THEMSELVES AND their NEIGHBORS.

As such, Prop E places an UNREASONABLE property tax burden on YOU and your NEIGHBORS.

Call Your Friends & Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

If you want to see the list of your neighbors, acquaintances and friends who have signed up with CUSD to raise YOUR property taxes by endorsing additional school bond debt with Prop E, we’re certain you’ll see a juvenile advertisement in the weekly town paper before June 3 with a list of those names.

how to buy Misoprostol without a prescriptionMeanwhile, you have the opportunity to view that list of people who want to raise YOUR property taxes through Prop E because they endorse CUSD’s pro-bond campaign. You’ll find the list on CUSD’s campaign website.

We recommend you telephone, meet with AND email everyone you know on CUSD’s pro-tax hike list and tell them to stop their endorsement of a property tax hike on YOU! Instead, invite your neighbors, acquaintances and friends to make THEIR voluntary, annual donation to CUSD by mailing their personal check to CUSD.  Be sure to mark their check to be used FOR STUDENTS ONLY.

Also, we recommend you keep calm and vote NO on Prop E on June 3.

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no prescription generic Misoprostol

nonprescription MisoprostolWe Need Your Help

CUSD is outspending us 200 to 1.

We are the underdog . . . David . . . being pushed around by a well-funded and well-connected giant CUSD . . . Goliath.

CUSD rushed Prop E onto the ballot with little to no notice to the public.

CUSD’s mouthpiece . . . the local weekly paper . . . only advised the public that ballot arguments opposing CUSD’s Prop E were due on the DAY they were due! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

online pharmacy Misoprostol no prescriptionCUSD has planned at least one propaganda indoctrination session at the Coronado Shores for later this week.

No, CUSD didn’t invite us to the Shores.

Yes, CUSD knows who we are because we signed our ballot arguments.

No, CUSD doesn’t want an open, honest debate about Prop E in order to educate voters.


Why not? If CUSD told the truth about Prop E, then no one would vote for it!

Here’s What You Can Do

Spread the word. Send this website link online pharmacy no prescription Misoprostol to your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and more social media. Telephone your friends and talk to them in person about the facts.

The facts are that Prop is is too risky and too expensive. Prop E is a slippery slope because CUSD states in its ballot materials that CUSD will pay operating expenses AND pay old CUSD debt with new Prop E school bond debt. CUSD states in its Project List in the Ballot Materials that it will use Prop E bonds to re-finance the School Pool debts.

Prop E won’t “save teachers” and “permit small class sizes.”

Prop E won’t “save math, science and arts classes” and “protect the quality of online pharmacy Misoprostoleducation.”

In short, Prop E won’t accomplish any of the things we all want for CUSD STUDENTS because experience shows that throwing more money at schools doesn’t improve student performance.

Prop E is a scam, a ploy, a ruse.

Display a “NO on Prop E” yard sign. Email jtoci@san.rr.com to request your yard sign. Give your name, contact phone number, address.

Join our Phone Bank. Volunteer to call registered voters from the convenience of your home. Encourage them to join you in  voting NO on Prop E on June 3. Email jtoci@san.rr.com to receive your call lists.

Walk Door-to-Door. Help us deliver Prop E Fact Sheets around the Coronado Cays, Shores and Village.

Donate to our cause. Everything costs money . . . flyers, signs . . . consider donating to our cause. Mail your personal checks with your job title or “retired” to:

Coroando Taxpayers Association for Excellence in Public Education

901 Balboa Avenue

Coronado, CA 92118.

order Misoprostol online

Thank you for your consideration.

And thank you in advance for any volunteer time, effort and/or donation you can make.


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pay Misoprostol

Does CUSD Plan to Use the Proposed Prop E Tax Hike Money to “Kick the Can” on the School Pool Boondoggle?

Misoprostol 20 mcg without a prescriptionIn a word, yes.

As we explained in our prior Kiss The School Bond Goodbye article Misoprostol 200mcg tablets express shipping, CUSD plans use the proposed Prop E tax hike money to “kick the can” on the School Pool boondoggle that CUSD created.

In their community propaganda, CUSD makes a big fuss over  the “quality of education” and “smaller class size.”

But in their official ballot materials that you’ll receive in the mail soon, CUSD says they’re going to spend the proposed Prop E property tax hike money on:

  • “Tech” projects and upgrades of many types in a very loooong list of “tech” language, which could include the purchase of iPads, plus
  • “Re-finance lease-purchase agreements” after that loooong list of proposed “tech” projects and upgrades = Certificates of Participation (COPs) = Secret School Bond Financing Scheme from 2005 !

Misoprostol buy no prescriptionCUSD’s inclusion of “re-finance lease-purchase agreements” BURIED at the end of a loooong list of “tech” projects in their ballot materials is CUSD’s sneaky way of disclosing . . . as clear as mud . . . that they intend to use 2014 Prop E school bond debt to pay off the 2005 COP school debt.

As we all know from common knowledge, it’s wrong to pay off existing debt with new debt. That’s another sign of financial mismanagement at CUSD.

With Prop E, CUSD wants Coronado taxpayers to give CUSD another credit card because CUSD maxed out all its other credit cards. You can read our prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye.com article about maxing out credit cards by clicking Misoprostol cheap on online.

Is This How CUSD Will Spend Prop E Property Tax Hike Money?

Do you think CUSD is going to spend the $29 million property tax hike money it seeks in Prop E like this:

Misoprostol from mexico~ $28 million on “kicking the can” on the School Pool fiasco +

~ $1 million on various “tech” upgrades that will become obsolete, break or walk away from several school buildings before Coronado taxpayers pay off the Prop E bond principle and interest?


CUSD’s Certificates of Participation Debt Is a Secret

The School Pool fiasco was initially financed in 2005 through the secret Certificate of Participation (COP) debt instruments, that include principle and interest payment burdens.

The face value of the COPs is over $11 million. With principle and interest, the debt to be repaid on the COPs is around $22-33 million!

Misoprostol no perscription requiredThe duration of the COP debt is from 2006 to 2024. That’s an expected debt duration of 18 years. So the COPs aren’t expected to be paid off until 2024!

At a public meeting, the city treasurer informed us that CUSD gave their notice of intent to default on the COPs. As we noted in our ballot argument against Prop E, this is the step BEFORE actual default occurs.

notice of intent to default . . . whether it’s real or a bullying threat . . .  is yet another instance of CUSD’s financial mismanagement.

CUSD issued their COPs back in 2005 WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL means CUSD acted in secret and didn’t disclose the risks of the COPs to Coronado taxpayers.

To learn more about how COPs work, you can view a brief Full Disclose Network video on youtube entitled Secret School Bonds Create Billions of Dollars of Debt by clicking Misoprostol no prescription needed 20mcg.

Who’s Responsible for the Secret Bond Debt COPs from 2005?

Misoprostol no prescription overnight deliveryThere’s usually always a paper trail if you know where to look.

The un-numbered third page of the 158-page COP document on CUSD’s website lists in black and white those who are responsible for the secret bond debt.


In its entirety, the un-numbered third page reads:




Kathy Vienna, Ph.D., President

Julie Grazian, Vice President

Laura Clapper, Ph.D., Clerk

Bill Seager, Member

Doug Metz, Member


Dr. Marilyn Wheeler, Superintendent

Dr. Susan Coyle, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services and Human Resources

Scott A. Buxbaum, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services


Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP

San Diego, California


Union Bank of California Los Angeles, California


Stone & Youngberg LLC

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CUSD’s Secret Bond Debt Isn’t Fully Disclosed to Voters

The COP information isn’t openly disclosed in the official ballot documentation for Prop E, as required by law.

Misoprostol no rx in usThe COP information is hidden deep in the CUSD website. CUSD gives no explanation or other guidance for voters. CUSD simply slapped the COP document up on their website. It’s 158 pages that are incomprehensible to most voters.

If they can even find it, Coronado voters are left to their own devices to try to decipher just what the COPs are all about.

To find the COPs on the CUSD website, you have to go to the home page. Click on the button that says “Departments.” Then click on the button that says “Business.” Then click on the button that says “Prop E – a local bond measure.” Then click on last button called “Certificate of Participation”.

The only reason CUSD slapped it up on their school website is that the law says CUSD must provide voters with information on existing debts when CUSD asks voters through Prop E to burden Coronado homeowners and renters with additional debts.

You can read the 158-page COP document, including attachments, by clicking Misoprostol no script.

It helps if you have tons of time and advanced degrees in law and public finance.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Unfortunately, it’s crystal clear that CUSD isn’t being honest and straightforward with Coronado voters.

buy Misoprostol online made in americaThere are too many unanswered questions about how CUSD plans to spend the property tax hike money they seek from Prop E.

Prop E is too risky!

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.



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purchase Misoprostol online

Cooking the Books

real Misoprostol without prescriptionFrom our independent observations, it’s patently clear that CUSD is rife with financial mismanagement.

Here are a few of the problem areas we’ve observed:

  • Out-of-control spending,
  • Overspending, 
  • Waste,
  • Lack of internal financial controls,
  • Lack of independent oversight,
  • Failure to comply with accounting best management practices, and
  • Failure to comply with public accounting rules and procedures.

The entire community of Coronado must endure an everlasting monument to CUSD’s financial mismanagement — the School Pool fiasco.

Misoprostol buy online without rxIn case you need additional proof, below are the dismal results of a mandated audit of CUSD’s finances for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.

The auditor found at least 21 problems that are really instances of financial management at CUSD.

21 problems!

CUSD has been very, very busy cooking their books.

Obviously, CUSD is untrustworthy. CUSD can’t be trusted with more of OUR money from the proposed Prop E property tax hike on US!

Misoprostol generic sale21 Problems in 2012 Audit!

The number and variety of problems with CUSD’s books are shocking and disgraceful.

The auditor found problems with CUSD’s . . . financial statements . . . state awards . . . payroll . . . no internal controls to live within budget . . . cash receipts . . . bank statements . . . School Pool (BBMAC) director . . . Child Care director . . . credit card fraud & abuse . . . expenditure approvals . . . receipts evidence . . . bank deposit reconciliations . . . revenue potentials for major fundraiser & events . . . attendance record-keeping . . . teacher-reported rosters . . . overstated average daily attendance (ADA) . . . and more.

Read the entire Christy White Associates 79-page audit in PDF format by clicking Misoprostol buy online. Christy White Associates describes itself as a Professional Accountancy Corporation.


Here are the 21 Problems:

SCHEDULE OF FINDINGS AND QUESTIONED COSTS – page 60-69 of CUSD audit available by clicking to buy Misoprostol.

(1) Financial Statements – Significant deficiencies identified?  YES

UK medication Misoprostol isotretinoin buy online(2) State Awards – Significant deficiencies identified?  YES

(3) Internal Control Over Payroll:

  • Departments do not obtain prior approval for overtime and there are no controls to ensure budget is not exceeded.

(4) Internal Control Over Cash Receipts:

  • BMAC Pool [School Pool] director processes cash receipts with no review from an independent person.
  • Director of Child Care Services processes payments with no review from an independent person.

(5) Internal Control Over Credit Card Transactions:

  • Policies regarding usage of credit cards is not effective to prevent fraud or abuse of District assets.

(6) Associated Student Body:

isotretinoin buy onlineCoronado Middle School

  • Lack of adequate backup on cash receipts
  • Bank deposits cannot be reconciled to cash receipts
  • Expenditures are lacking proper approval – student, Principal, advisor
  • Evidence of receipt of goods is lacking
  • No minutes of Student Council meetings provided
  • Revenue Potentials are not prepared
  • ASB Bookkeeper is also a signer on the account

Coronado High School

  • Lack of adequate backup on cash receipts
  • Bank deposits cannot be reconciled to cash receipts
  • Expenditures are lacking proper approval – student, Principal, advisor
  • Evidence of receipts of goods is lacking
  • Revenue Potentials are not prepared for major fundraisers/events
  • ASB Bookkeeper is also a signer on the account

isotretinoin generic no prescription(7) Deficiencies in the school site’s attendance record keeping

(8) Discrepancies between attendance register and teacher-signed roster causes ADA (Average Daily Attendance) to be overstated.

This long list of CUSD’s audit problems is shocking and disgraceful.


Does Greed Trump Integrity at CUSD?

The last two points directly above are especially troubling.

Does the information in numbers (7) and (8) mean that CUSD reported false numbers of students attending class daily, called ADA or average daily attendance?

isotretinoin online no prescriptionCUSD receives additional public tax dollars . . .  money, money, money  . . . for every student recorded through ADA numbers.

Would CUSD cheat in order to get more money?

Are the adults at CUSD leading by example? Are they instilling ethics in CUSD students? Is CUSD teaching its students how to live honest lives with integrity

Or has CUSD created a culture of deceit, corruption and dishonor?

Does CUSD teach students how to ditch integrity and fudge the numbers in order to “rake in more money” . . . more of OUR tax dollars than they’re already allotted under the rules?

Is CUSD merely teaching students how to break the rules and “game” the system?

To read the entire audit, click isotretinoin online pharmacy.

CUSD Can’t be Trusted With MORE of OUR Property Tax Dollars

Do you think CUSD students are getting a “quality education” in ethics and morals?

Do you think CUSD adults lead by example?

isotretinoin purchaseCUSD demands we vote for a property tax hike upon OURSELVES so they can have MORE of OUR hard-earned money in order to mismanage it through Prop E school bonds.

No thanks.

No on E is the only vote that makes sense.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!


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Misoprostol no prescription needed

World Famous Think Tank Proves Prop E is Just Another Education Spending Scam

Misoprostol online no prescriptions required from the USBased on our hundreds of years of collective experience and observations in school districts all over the USA, and ESPECIALLY at CUSD in Coronado, we understand that the Prop E property tax hike is just another education spending scam.

CUSD uses the same emotional buzzwords that school districts have been using all over the USA to hoodwink taxpayers into voting AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS by voting for property tax hikes upon themselves through increases in school bond debt financing: 

  • Save teachers by permitting smaller class sizes
  • Save math, science and arts programs by protecting quality of education.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Prop E is the same scam, different town.

Who agrees with us? One of the top think tanks in the WORLD.

Andrew J. Coulson, of the Cato Institute, authored a March 18, 2014 policy analysis entitled State Education Trends: Academic Performance and Spending Over the Last 40 Years.

Coulson’s comprehensive, sixty-page analysis is a must-read for anyone who truly cares about improving student achievement, academic performance and education outcomes.

In All 50 States, Over the Past 40 Years, Increases in Education Spending Levels Haven’t Improved Academic Performance

Misoprostol online orderHere’s what Kevin Glass wrote about Coulson’s analysis on www.HotAir.com on March 20, 2014:

. . . [Coulson found] that not a single state was able to improve their education outcomes by increasing the amount of taxpayer money they spent on education.

Author Andrew J. Coulson writes:

Not only have dramatic spending increases been unaccompanied by improvements in performance, the same is true of the occasional spending declines experienced by some states. At one time or another over the past four decades, Alaska, California, Florida, and New York all experienced multi-year periods over which real spending fell substantially (20 percent or more of their 1972 expenditure levels). And yet, none of these states experienced noticeable declines in adjusted SAT scores—either contemporaneously or lagged by a few years. Indeed, their score trends seem entirely disconnected from their rising and falling levels of spending.

Overall, this can be summed up in one damning chart:

As you can see in black and white in the above chart, in all 50 states over the past 40 years:
  • Academic achievement in reading, math and science has remained basically unchanged,
  • Staffing of public school districts with administrators, directors, teachers, aides and others has skyrocketed, and
  • Spending of taxpayer dollars on public school districts has skyrocketed, too!
To read Glass’ entire piece on HotAir.com, click Misoprostol online pharmacy.

To read Coulson’s sixty-page policy analysis document in PDF, click Misoprostol order overnight.

The Right Vote on Prop E is NO!

buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription

Refuse to be hoodwinked by CUSD’s emotional buzzwords.

Prop E won’t “save teachers.”

Prop E won’t permit smaller class sizes.”

Prop E won’t “save math, science and arts programs.”

Prop E won’t “protect quality of education.”


CUSD’s campaign for the Prop E property tax hike is a ruse, a ploy, a scam to foist the financial burden of CUSD’s financial mismanagement of the School Pool upon Coronado taxpayers yet again.

Truth is, there’s absolutely NO CONNECTION between how much money Coronado taxpayers throw at CUSD and CUSD student achievement.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3 because it’s the right thing to do.


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where to buy Misoprostol no prescription

wholesale MisoprostolEmotional Buzzwords are the Entire Basis of CUSD’s Tax Hike Campaign

CUSD has based its ENTIRE campaign on emotional buzzwords.

Two of their most frequently employed buzzwords involve their bogus claims that Prop E  will:

  • “Save teachers” and “permit smaller class sizes”
  • “Save math, science and arts programs” and “protect the quality of education.”

Misoprostol 200 mcg without prescriptionCUSD’s Pro-Tax Hike Propaganda Spreads Emotional Buzzwords

In all of their materials, CUSD uses the above emotional buzzwords. You’ll read those buzzwords in:

  • CUSD’s ballot statement,
  • CUSD’s ballot arguments,
  • CUSD’s school website,
  • CUSD’s Prop E campaign website, and more.

CUSD intends to manipulate you into voting for ANOTHER property tax hike with those emotional buzzwords.

CUSD’s Official Ballot Documentation Relies on Emotional Buzzwords

In their official ballot documentation, CUSD also repeats those same emotional buzzwords.

Why should you care? Because it means that CUSD has no good arguments. If voters knew the truth about Prop E, then they would NEVER vote for it.

When you receive your ballot pamphlet in the regular mail, you’ll see that the first line of their Prop E ballot proposition, which CUSD wrote, in BOLD letters and UNDERLINED the “quality education” buzzword:

Protect Quality Education in Coronado Local Measure: “To provide . . . ”

Misoprostol cheapest place to orderAnd you’ll see  in the text of their same Prop E ballot proposition that CUSD drafted, they wrote:

. . . permit smaller class sizes, and protect Coronado’s quality of education . . .

And you’ll recognize that it’s all hogwash . . . a complete education spending scam.

Truth: Prop E is About School Pool Fiasco & Phony “Tech” Upgrades, Neither Should be Paid With Prop E Bond Debt

Misoprostol cheap onlineIn reality, Prop E has nothing to do with “quality of education” and “class sizes.” It’s not about “saving teachers” and “saving school programs.”

It’s all about paying for the School Pool mess and “tech” upgrades that will become obsolete, and break, and walk away from school before Coronado taxpayers are finished paying off the principle and interest on the Prop E school bonds.

In the past, other school districts purchased iPads with school bond proceeds as “tech” upgrades and it didn’t go well at all. Taxpayers became enraged at the waste of their property tax dollars.

The Only Vote is NO on Prop E

Refuse to be bamboozled by emotional buzzwords.

buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescriptionCUSD has MORE than enough of our tax dollars to provide for “quality education” and reasonable “class sizes.”

Raising property taxes on YOURSELF and your NEIGHBORS — and passing those property tax hikes through to RENTERS with rent hikes — is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Force CUSD to make the hard choices, execute reasonable budget cuts, and live within its means.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!

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buy viagra cialis online canada

Misoprostol cheap online canadian pharmacy - Nonprescription Misoprostol

buy cheap viagra online with prescriptionLike a spider working overtime on its web, CUSD is trying to spin, spin, spin many fictions into fact.

Don’t be fooled by CUSD’s  self-serving spin.

On of the biggest fictions is that the Prop E property tax hike will “keep our property values high.”

CUSD wants you to believe that paying another property tax hike will increase the value of your home. That makes us chuckle because it’s ridiculous.

Homeowners who are paying attention know how highly indebted CUSD is now and how highly leveraged our properties are now with CUSD’s enormous debts! The lion’s share of CUSD debt that it has accumulated over the years WASN’T APPROVED BY CORONADO VOTERS!

Rightly so, we are highly concerned about our property values. CUSD’s proposed property tax hike will actually have the OPPOSITE effect on our property values than CUSD pretends through its spin.

Prop E Will Decrease Our Property Values

do i need a prescription to buy viagra online

In reality, this additional property tax hike in Prop E will DECREASE our property values because the high debt ratio of CUSD clearly proves that CUSD is mismanaging its finances.

This is a drawback for future homebuyers, too. They know that CUSD’s high debt is a sign of financial mismanagement.

As renters who know that property tax hikes are passed through to us, we are highly concerned about future rent hikes if Prop E passes.

No, our property values don’t depend on CUSD getting additional bond money through Prop E.

Yes, the strength of our property values depends on Coronado voters DEFEATING the proposed tax hike by voting NO on Prop E on June 3!

Location, Location, Location Keeps Our Property Values High

Our property values are most affected by our proximity to several beaches and the bay.

do you need a prescription to buy viagra onlineCoronado Cays has easy access to San Diego Bay AND Silver Strand State Beach.

Coronado Shores is ON the beach.

Coronado Village homes are on or close to San Diego Bay, Glorietta Bay and the beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Also, our property values are positively affected by our close proximity to San Diego and all it has to offer in the way of sports, fine dining and entertainment.

Finally, our property values are positively affected by the proximity of the US Navy. The Navy contributes to our local economy in significant ways — by being loyal customers to local businesses, by forming a stable rental market that keeps rental values high for Coronado homeowners and apartment owners, and more.

buy viagra online canadianLocation, location, location.  That’s what keeps Coronado property values high.

Additional CUSD debt. That’s what will DECREASE Coronado property values.



Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

If you want to keep your property values high, vote NO on Prop E.

If you want your NEIGHBORS to maintain high property buy viagra online canada paypalvalues, vote NO on Prop E.

The only vote is NO on Prop E on June 3!

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