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Prop E Won’t Save Teachers and Programs Because CUSD Will Pay Off Old Debts, Vote NO on Prop E

Villiers-le-Bel gay hookup places in feilding wanganui Prop E Won’t Save Teachers Reasonable people think that, in the scheme of things, CUSD seems unconcerned with teachers. When you look at the facts, they’re right. Teachers and pink slips are the dramatic, emotional ploy that CUSD . . . desperate to manipulate Coronado

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Students Lose, Cronies & Carpetbaggers Win, Vote NO on Prop E

Wadsworth gay matchmaking service in scarborough   It’s easy to see who are the winners and losers with Proposition E, the proposed property tax hike on Coronado homeowners that will be passed through to Coronado renters. Prop E Winners The winners are cronies and carpet-baggers who

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CUSD Shouts BOO, But Don’t Be Scared. Vote NO on Prop E

  Emotional Scare Tactics are a Sign of Weakness The cornerstone of CUSD’s bond campaign is an emotional scare tactic. Emotional scare tactics aren’t a sign of strong leadership. They’re a sign of weakness. CUSD says they will let go teachers if you don’t

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CUSD’s Overspending Problem Isn’t a Crisis for Coronado Homeowners, Vote NO on Prop E

The Ruse We get it. CUSD mucked up their finances real good. To distract you, CUSD shouts the sky is falling! The sky is falling! CUSD is trying desperately to scapegoat the State of California for the financial problems that

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