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Judge Ended Lawsuit Against CUSD on a Technicality, Vote NO on Prop E

Judge Believes CUSD Doesn’t Have Bank Statements Yep.  The Judge bought CUSD’s claim that CUSD doesn’t have bank statements. In no way does the Judge’s decision “exonerate” CUSD . . . as the superintendent melodramatically trumpeted on eCoronado today. CUSD

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CUSD Sued in Court for Hiding Its Bank Statements, Vote NO on Prop E

Timing of the Court Case Around the Summer of 2013 . . .  long before Coronado voters knew that CUSD was going to try to raise our property taxes through the three Prop E school bonds series . . .

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No Guaranteed Help for Students: Vote NO on Prop E

Prop E is too risky. Prop E won’t protect the “quality of education” according to CUSD’s own campaign materials. CUSD is pulling at our heartstrings . . . telling our community that we must vote for Proposition E for the

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