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Judge Ended Lawsuit Against CUSD on a Technicality, Vote NO on Prop E

buy bactrim in uk Judge Believes CUSD Doesn’t Have Bank Statements Yep.  The Judge bought CUSD’s claim that CUSD doesn’t have bank statements. In no way does the Judge’s decision “exonerate” CUSD . . . as the superintendent melodramatically trumpeted on eCoronado today. CUSD

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CUSD Sued in Court for Hiding Its Bank Statements, Vote NO on Prop E

Timing of the Court Case Around the Summer of 2013 . . .  long before Coronado voters knew that CUSD was going to try to raise our property taxes through the three Prop E school bonds series . . .

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No Guaranteed Help for Students: Vote NO on Prop E

Prop E is too risky. Prop E won’t protect the “quality of education” according to CUSD’s own campaign materials. CUSD is pulling at our heartstrings . . . telling our community that we must vote for Proposition E for the

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