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CUSD Already Receives Obscene Amounts of OUR Tax Dollars, More Than Enough To Live Within Its Means, Vote NO on Prop E

The Sky Isn’t Falling Like Chicken Little, CUSD is crying “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Read our prior article on how CUSD’s self -created financial problems aren’t an emergency for Coronado homeowners by clicking here. CUSD can solve

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Is CUSD’s Secret 2005 Financing Scheme Behind the School Pool Boondoggle the True Reason for the Prop E Property Tax Hike? Vote No on Prop E

Does CUSD Plan to Use the Proposed Prop E Tax Hike Money to “Kick the Can” on the School Pool Boondoggle? In a word, yes. As we explained in our prior Kiss The School Bond Goodbye article here, CUSD plans use the proposed Prop

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CUSD is Playing a Sneaky Shell Game with $28 Million School Pool Boondoggle, Vote NO on Prop E

Facts The School Pool, also called the BBMAC, will always be one of the many financial elephants in the room for CUSD. CUSD has proven to us that they’re incapable of managing the School Pool. They’ve had around 8 years to

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San Diego County Taxpayers Association’s NEUTRAL Statement Means Vote NO on Prop E

  Background The board members of San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) have almost never met a school bond they didn’t like. SDCTPA board usually always recommends YES on such public bond debt financing schemes because they are usually intended

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Did You Max Out All Your Credit Cards? Just Get Another One! That’s What CUSD Wants to Do With Prop E Bonds. Vote NO on Prop E

  Maxed Out Credit Cards CUSD maxed out all their credit cards and ran up enormous debts they can’t pay without making reasonable budget cuts. But CUSD refuses to make the hard choices and impose reasonable budget cuts. Like an

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Rebuttal Argument AGAINST Coronado Proposition E – Vote NO on Prop E

Bonds are SUPPOSED to be for capital expenditures — constructing new schools. etc. We are ALREADY paying for such school bonds issued earlier. But this new bond seems to be primarily for OPERATING costs — using much of the bond

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