Judge Ended Lawsuit Against CUSD on a Technicality, Vote NO on Prop E

confusingJudge Believes CUSD Doesn’t Have Bank Statements

Yep.  The Judge bought CUSD’s claim that CUSD doesn’t have bank statements.

In no way does the Judge’s decision “exonerate” CUSD . . . as the superintendent melodramatically trumpeted on eCoronado today. CUSD is still responsible for its books and BANK STATEMENTS . . . CUSD can’t hide behind the skirts of the County Department of Education (DOE) who merely oversees CUSD and reports to the State what CUSD reports to the County DOE.

In no way was well-funded, affluent, bully CUSD a poor little victim who was made to “endure harassment” by one woman representing many Coronado taxpayers in a lawsuit who demand CUSD open it books for public inspection including the BANK STATEMENTS . . . so the public can see where CUSD is really spending OUR money . . . as the CUSD superintendent melodramatically whined on eCoronado today.

David vs goliathThe Real Victims

CUSD is a big, old bully trying to ram yet another property tax hike down Coronado taxpayers’ throats with Prop E.

Cronies, employees, outside contractors and others have donated around $45,000 so far to CUSD’s Prop E campaign! That’s a lot of dough!

Clearly greed for the $29 million that hangs in the balance makes cronies and others support Prop E.

Elections can be purchased in Coronado just as in any other locale.

Some supporters are simply too naive to Extended family in living room smilingquestion CUSD’s worthless campaign promises about Prop E.

CUSD receives obscene amounts of OUR tax dollars just for existing . . . and CUSD still refuses to live within its means.

Who are the real victims of CUSD’s financial mismanagement and tax dollar waste?

  • The children, and
  • Coronado taxpayers.

“Presumption of Credibility”?

pool-lap-swimmersThe Judge said that a legal case says that school districts have a “presumption of credibility” so his decision is bound by that precedent.

But we all know CUSD isn’t credible.

We’ve documented the long list of CUSD’s lies, misleading statements, worthless campaign promises:

  1. CUSD promised our community it would construct, maintain and run the School Pool at a PROFIT and lied because CUSD spent the last 8 years running the School Pool finances into the ground
  2. CUSD promised Coronado taxpayers we would NEVER be have to pay for the School Pool and lied because Prop E is a sneaky School Pool refinance scheme
  3. CUSD supplied COST estimates to San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) for the Prop E sneaky School Pool re-finance scheme, and for building maintenance . . . both which should NEVER be paid for by Prop E General Obligation Bonds (GO Bonds)
  4. CUSD failed to supple COST estimates for anything else on its loooong Wish List of a Project List in your BALLOT PAMPHLET  . . .  according to SDCTPA . . . which is one of many reasons why SDCTPA failed to recommend Prop E to Coronado taxpayers. Read buy generic viagra online uk 15 Serious Problems with Prop E, Vote NO on Prop E.
  5. CUSD states in the Project List it submitted in your BALLOT PAMPHLET on page PR-1301-10 in the eighth sentence up from the bottom of the page . . .  that if Prop E passes, CUSD will spend the Prop E bond money on re-financing the School Pool boondoggle . . . sneakily called “lease obligations” by CUSD. Read buy Lyrica 150 mg Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO on Prop E.
  6. CUSD claims that “the State” or “Sacramento” is “the villain” who “took away” State Aid (more of OUR tax dollars) with a “new Local Control Funding Formula” which caused CUSD’s “financial crisis” and the “decimation of CUSD’s budget” . . . but in reality CUSD’s total funding INCREASED by $3.2 million in 2013. Read  http://alternovo.com/strategie/ CUSD Received $3.2 Million INCREASE in Funding in 2013, CUSD Lied About Decreased Funding, Vote NO on Prop E.
  7. the-sky-is-falling-2-chicken-littleCUSD board president Dawn Ovrom claims CUSD “can’t cut its way out” of its “budget crisis” that was “created by the State, not the CUSD board” . . . but Coronado taxpayers found that in the limited 27 months of purchase warrants that CUSD disclosed on its website obscene evidence that proves gross waste of OUR tax dollars . . . CUSD’s wasteful spending includes, but isn’t limited to: School Pool ($722,000.00), Outside Consultants ($4.1 million), Technology ($2.9 million), Outside Contractors Service & Repairs ($1.7 million),Travel/Conferences ($287,000.00), Dues/Memberships ($112,000.00), and more. CUSD has merely provided CUSD’s self-created Purchase Order Reports . . . not CUSD’s actual BANK STATEMENTS . . .  from July 2011 to November 2013 here cheap glycomet tabs Read Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO on Prop E.
  8. CUSD claims that it’s careful with how it spends OUR tax dollars so it deserves at least $29 million MORE of OUR property tax dollars through the Prop E property tax hike . . . but CUSD’s own auditor found in 2013 that CUSD was guilty of 21 major problems with its books!  . . . The auditor found major problems with CUSD’s . . . financial statements reporting . . . state aid award reporting . . . payroll over budget . . . no internal controls to live within budget . . . cash receipts . . . BANK STATEMENTS . . . School Pool (BBMAC) director . . . Child Care director . . . credit card fraud & abuse . . . expenditure approvals . . . receipts evidence . . . BANK DEPOSIT RECONCILIATION . . . revenue potentials for major fundraiser & events . . . attendance record-keeping . . . teacher-reported rosters on attendance . . . overstated average daily attendance (ADA) . . . and more. Read 21 Major Problems Auditor Found With CUSD’s Books, Vote NO on Prop E.
  9. CUSD has misled our community with many more lies, so we invite you to read Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO on Prop E for further proof that CUSD isn’t credible.

 Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Vote NO on Prop E because you don’t believe CUSD should be “presumed credible” since they have spent decades lying to our community.

No-on-Ev3-girl=phoneVote NO on Prop E because you want CUSD to comply with the Public Information Act and supply its BANK STATEMENTS.

Vote NO on Prop E because you think CUSD should open its books to Coronado taxpayers before CUSD demands another $29 million of OUR property tax dollars through the Prop E tax hike.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!

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