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CUSD Received a $3.2 Million INCREASE in Total Funding in 2013 – District Audit Proves CUSD Lied About Receiving Decreased Funding

Misoprostol fedexAre you surprised that CUSD, the same entity that lied about the School Pool, also lied about how much funding they received?

We’re not.

Past behavior is the predictor of future performance.

CUSD received a more than $8 million INCREASE in our property taxes and a $3.2 million INCREASE in total funding in 2013.

How do you like them now?

Are you still feeling sorry for CUSD?

Do you think the State is really slighting CUSD with the new funding formula after CUSD received a $3.2 million increase in total funding?

best place to buy Misoprostol online?Are you upset that CUSD didn’t spend its $3.2 million increase on the children?  After all, that’s why they claim they need Prop E . . . because they don’t have enough money for the children.

So, what did CUSD do with their $3.2 million windfall . . . the majority of their windfall being our property taxes?

Where did CUSD waste the $3.2 million windfall of our property taxes? On salary increases, raises, benefits, and other compensation for the CUSD superintendent? For other administrators? On the School Pool boondoggle? On outside contractors, lawyers, travel, no-bid cafeteria food contracts, administrators’ perks?

Do you feel that CUSD manipulated you into thinking that the sky is falling?

Do you understand that the Prop E property tax hike is unnecessary and the sky isn’t falling?

Do you see how CUSD manufactured a financial crisis that doesn’t exist?

CUSD Received More Than $8 Million INCREASE in our Coronado Property Taxes!

In the Christy White Associates 2013 audit of CUSD’s books, you will read that CUSD’s general revenue included:

  • In 2012, CUSD received $6,169,583.00 of our local, Coronado property taxes.
  • In 2013, CUSD received $14,228,004.00 of our local, Coronado property taxes.

Misoprostol buy cheapHoly cow!

Lucky, lucky, lucky CUSD!  CUSD received an INCREASE of $8,058,501.00 of OUR CORONADO PROPRERTY TAXES!

You’re very welcome, CUSD, for the MORE THAN $8 MILLION INCREASE in OUR PROPERTY TAXES that you received in 2013 . . . not that you ever thanked us.

Click Misoprostol overnight without prescription to read page 7 of the Christy White Associates 2013 audit of CUSD’s books. Under the “General Revenue” heading look for “Property Taxes” in 2012, 2013 and the “Net Increase” of MORE THAN $8 million for CUSD.

Lucky, lucky, lucky CUSD. Coronado public schools received a GIANT WINDFALL of our property taxes. Obviously CUSD benefits greatly from the status quo of over-development in Coronado.

Read the rest of the scoop in this article on www.Coronado.Patch.com below.

Coronado Patch Article Details CUSD’s Big Lie

Posted by Libi Uremovic today:

Misoprostol purchase canadaWe have all heard various representatives of the Coronado School District use the excuse that their economic problems are because the State changed the methods of school funding. It is true that the State has closed down RDA and changed funding methods, but the results were a $3.2 Million INCREASE in revenue for the District.

Page 7 (12/84) of the 2013 District Audit lists Revenue and Expenses compared with 2012. Yes, Federal and State funding decreased from $17.8 Million in 2012 to $12.5 Million in 2013, but property taxes allocated to the District increased from $6.1 Million in 2012 to $14.2 Million in 2013.

The District had an overall revenue increase of $3,236,883 and to quote Al Ovrom: “So, what’s the problem?”.

The ‘problem’ is that the District spends more money than they receive.

Total Revenue in 2012 was $32.5 Million, but total Expenses were $34.4 Million.

Total Revenue in 2013 was $35.7 Million, but total Expenses were $36.4 Million.

Either the Coronado School District Superintendent and Board did not read their own audit, or they are blatantly lying to the Public.

Click Misoprostol online sale without prescription for the 2013 District Audit by Christy White Associates, go to page 7, look for “Net Change in Revenue” between 2012 and 2013 is “$3.2+ million. 

Also, you can read the article on Coronado Patch by clicking buy Misoprostol australia no prescription.

CUSD Spins Its Big Lie into CUSD Budget “Fact” Sheet

To cover its tracks, CUSD spun its Big Lie about decreased funding into its Budget “Fact” Sheet, updated March 25, 2014.

Here’s a direct quote from the Budget “Fact” Sheet:

  • Funding to CUSD in 2012-13 was cut $2.1 M relative to 07-08. CUSD also has experienced $3.2M in new, added costs since 07-08 for health insurance, utilities, etc.

Red warning flags and siren bells go off throughout the entire CUSD Budget “Fact” Sheet. It reeks of spin.

buy Misoprostol without prescription australiaYou can read the entire CUSD Budget “Fact” Sheet by clicking buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription. We don’t have the time or space to address all the lies from that particular sheet in this post. Suffice it to say, it’s complete FICTION — not fact.

First, CUSD never admits that it received a more than $8 million INCREASE in OUR PROPERTY TAXES in 2013 and a TOTAL FUNDING INCREASE of $3.2 million in 2013. Yes, the majority of CUSD’s funding INCREASE is from OUR property tax hikes that occur naturally under Proposition 13. Proposition 13 provides enough of our tax dollars to run the small public school district in our small town.

CUSD manufactured a financial crisis that doesn’t exist.

Second, CUSD reaches all the way back to FY 2007-2008 and compares it to FY 20012-2013 for a reason. It spins the facts to make it appear that CUSD’s funding was DECREASED when it was really INCREASED in 2013. An INCREASE in funding is a highly relevant fact, but it doesn’t fit in with CUSD’s spin that the State is the bogeyman who is being mean to CUSD by reducing State aid to CUSD.

CUSD’s INCREASE in funding makes the Prop E property tax hike unnecessary. Every year, CUSD receives increased funding from our property taxes hikes that occur naturally under Proposition 13.

Third, CUSD claims it “experienced $3.2 million in new, added costs since FY 207-2008” for various items, but fails to say that they received $3.2 million INCREASE in funding, the majority being from our property tax hikes that occur naturally under Proposition 13.

buy Misoprostol without a percsriptionCUSD’s spin attempts to make it appear that they didn’t waste their $3.2 million windfall of OUR property tax hikes in 2013 . . . the highly relevant 2013 windfall fact that they don’t admit to in their Budget “Fact” Sheet.

Spin, spin, spin.

Lie, lie, lie.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Are you going to fall for another one of CUSD’s Big Lies?

We’re not going to fall for it.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

buy discounted Misoprostol onlineVote NO on Prop E because CUSD lied about their funding to manufacture a financial crisis that doesn’t exist.

Vote NO because CUSD can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

Vote NO because CUSD is hiding their bank statements and won’t open their books for public inspection and forensic audit.

Vote NO because CUSD won’t cut its wasteful spending, and instead expects to inflict a property tax hike on us.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!

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