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CUSD Fails at Transparency

Misoprostol fedexWe know why, as a rule, CUSD fails at transparency.

Because if voters knew the true facts about Prop E, they would vote NO.

To read our prior article about how CUSD superintendent Jeff Felix failed to answer questions from a voter, click best place to buy Misoprostol online?.

So CUSD’s campaign is nothing but smoke and mirrors because it’s comprised of merely . . . melodrama . . . spin . . .  omissions . . . falsehoods . . . empty threats . . . and cheap scare tactics.

CUSD has nothing but a smoke and mirrors campaign because a Prop E is a property tax hike. And a property tax hike is a hard sell.

So consider CUSD the snake oil salesman, or used car salesman, trying to get voters to buy (or voter) something they don’t need (another property tax hike) just like an ethically challenged salesman.

Caveat emptor means buyer beware.

We urge this — voters beware.

CUSD Trustee Failed to Answer Questions . . . Again

Misoprostol buy cheapYou can read our prior article on CUSD trustee Bruce Shepherd’s failure to answer voter-resident-attorney-property owner Pete Fagan’s important and relevant questions about Prop E’s negative impacts on Coronado by clicking Misoprostol overnight without prescription.

Well, our CUSD trustee is at it again . . . failing to respond to questions from another voter.

Eight days ago, on April 28, voter-resident-property owner Jerry Toci asked these important and relevant questions of the CUSD trustee Bruce Shepherd:

Comment by Jerry Toci on April 28, 2014 at 2:28pm

Questions for board member Bruce Shepherd:

Dear Mr. Shepherd,

I know we can count on you to clarify some issues. Recently, Asst. Superintendent Keith Butler stated that the bond underwriting firm of Stone & Youngberg (currently subject of a statewide ethics investigation) has not “helped” with the development or promotion of Prop E.

Misoprostol purchase canada1. Can you guarantee property owners that neither Stone & Youngberg nor its successors will not participate in, or profit from the sale of Prop E bonds if the measure passes?

2. Are any of the following “helping” or “have helped” or “will help” with the Prop e property tax levy campaign?

Raindrop Marketing

KN Comics

Clifford Moss, LLC – political consultant/author of “How to Win School Bond Campaigns”

Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionPiper Jaffray bond underwriters

De La Rosa bond underwriters

George K. Baum bond underwriters

RBC Capital Markets bond underwriters

Other bond underwriters, bond managers, bond co-managers, or lead bond managers

Capital Bond Partners LLC

JPMorgan/Chase Bank

CalSTRS or California State Teachers Union or its representatives

Coronado (CUSD) Teachers Union or its representatives

Other teacher/school district unions or their representatives

Any and all other trade unions or their representatives

Any and all other Unions or their representatives

buy Misoprostol australia no prescription3. It appears that the above individuals and organizations have provided comics & cartoons, consultant reports, consultant workshops, meetings, campaign donations in cash or cash equivalents, donations of gifts in kind, donations of technical expertise and other assistance in advocating and promoting Measure E for placement on the June 3 ballot.

What type of assistance or promotion services has been provided by those listed in #2 above, and what has been or will be the compensation for these individuals and organizations? Having this information will help Coronado voters decide whether to vote “for” or “against” Measure E.

Thanks very much.

To date, we’ve heard nothing but crickets (silence) back from Bruce or anyone else at CUSD.

You can read about it on eCoronado by clicking buy Misoprostol without prescription australia.

Why is CUSD So Secretive?

buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescriptionWhat’s the fuss, CUSD?

CUSD is legally required to be transparent about its public finances . . . about its campaign finances . . .about virtually everything.


Because CUSD is a PUBLIC agency that spends OUR tax dollars. We are entitled to follow the money.

In fact, as citizens, we are supposed to follow the money . . . in order to provide democratic oversight of the school district.

CUSD, why do you refuse to be honest with voters about who is financing your pro-tax hike campaign?

It’s common knowledge in California that school districts outspend opponents 200 to 1 during school bond campaigns for tax hikes.

As a result, CUSD is outspending us at the ratio of 200:1.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

buy Misoprostol without a percsriptionVote NO because CUSD isn’t honest about who is financially backing them to force the tax hike on us.

Vote NO because CUSD isn’t transparent with voters.

Vote NO because CUSD’s lack of honesty and lack of transparency means CUSD is untrustworthy.

Vote NO because it’s silly for us to pay principal and interest on the $29 million face amount of public school bond debt that CUSD seeks through yet another tax hike . . . when CUSD can’t even be bothered to give us important information that they’re legally required to provide.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.


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