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The County Department of Education Provides OVERSIGHT of CUSD’s Finances

http://notariuszwlodzi.com/26335-singlebörse-50-kostenlos-kärnten-61333/ Misoprostol fedexAccording to the San Diego County Department of Education, they provide oversight to school districts, including CUSD.

Alandur singles gorlitz There is someone called a Consultant for Business Advisory Services who oversees CUSD’s finances.


interracial voksne kontaktannonser finn knulle budies That doesn’t mean that CUSD has no responsibility for their own finances.

tega cay gay online dating In fact, CUSD is responsible to report periodically to their Consultant at the County Department of Education.

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http://stylesbymahima.com/67027-gay-matchmaking-service-in-antioch-illinois-35817/ Responsibility Rabbit teaches students to be responsible. Perhaps he can teach CUSD to be responsible for its finances, too.

knulle hardt escort service in And the CUSD Consultant at the County Department of Education is responsible to report periodically to the State Department of Education about CUSD’s finances.

CUSD’s claims that it has no bank statements and it has no responsibility to turn over its bank statements for public review and forensic audit are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Read our prior articles on the lawsuit against CUSD to open their books and release their bank statements by clicking Misoprostol buy cheap and Misoprostol overnight without prescription.

Since CUSD is directly responsible for its own finances, doesn’t it make sense that CUSD is responsible to provide financial transparency to the public?

No, CUSD can’t hide behind the County Department of Education and refuse to fulfill its duty of financial transparency to the public.

CUSD Must Comply With State Education Guidelines – CUSD Can’t Cancel Classes & Refuse to Educate Students

Misoprostol purchase canadaAccording to the San Diego County Department of Education, CUSD must follow the State guidelines for public education.

CUSD can’t decide to raise its superintendent’s compensation package by 20% and refuse to provide required math/science/arts class to students. The County and the State wouldn’t allow it.

In contrast to the rumors circulating . . . from CUSD’s misinformation on its campaign website and school website . . . CUSD can’t cancel classes that the State mandates be provided to public school students.

Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionProp E supporters and CUSD employees who have stated . . . most times with anger and desperation . . . that “if Prop E fails to pass, our children’s math class will be cancelled” are wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s not fact . . . that’s fiction . . . an empty threat . . . a cheap scare tactic.

Don’t be hoodwinked by CUSD’s scare tactics and empty threats. The truth is one of the casualties of CUSD’s greedy campaign for $29 million more of our tax dollars to waste because it isn’t going to help the children at all.

When Prop E fails, the sky will not fall. When Prop E fails, students will still receive a public school education at CUSD. CUSD can’t ignore the needs of its students when Prop E fails.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Vote NO because CUSD is hiding its BANK STATEMENTS from the public to avoid transparency and forensic audit.

Vote NO because CUSD’s scare tactics and empty threats to cancel math/science/arts classes if Prop E doesn’t pass are ridiculous.

buy Misoprostol australia no prescriptionVote NO to force CUSD to make reasonable budget cuts and live within its means.

Vote No on Prop E on June 3!




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