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Governor Guarantees $10 Billion INCREASE in State Aid to California Schools

As we’ve been saying all along, the sky isn’t falling.

A final bombshell obliterated CUSD’s Prop E campaign yesterday.

Coronado voters realized that incumbent Governor Jerry Brown revised the budget to INCREASE State Aid to California Schools by $10 BILLION!

Misoprostol fedexThis is an election year. The governor isn’t a villain. He’s Santa Claus who showers our schools with gifts of INCREASED State Aid . . .$10 billion worth.

This means CUSD will receive INCREASED State Aid under the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The LCFF isn’t the problem that CUSD wants Coronado voters to believe.

This also means CUSD’s claims of “the State” or “Sacramento” being “the villain” are wrong, wrong, wrong. The bogeyman State that CUSD wants voters to hate is going to help CUSD with INCREASED State Aid.

eCoronado Commenter Nails It

CUSD employees, pundits, supporters and spokes-bullies who troll the internet spin, spin, spinning to force the Prop E property tax hike on Coronado have doubled down on their silly spin in response to the good news from Sacramento.

best place to buy Misoprostol online?But a commenter with common sense on eCoronado nailed it yesterday.

jef on Mayor Casey Tanaka’s blog post “Community Voices: Yes on Prop E” 

. . . Maybe the question for the Mayor should be this: Will you withdraw your support for Prop E since the CA governor has GUARANTEED he will add an additional $10 billion to the LCFF plan to fund schools?

There are 1,043 school districts in California. That’s an average of $9.6million per school district. Where are the party balloons and hats in the Prop E office? Isn’t this GOOD news? Will the local media put this front and center for the citizens? Will the teachers “encourage” their students to go home and tell their parents that Prop E is no longer necessary to fund our schools?

Game Over, CUSD

Misoprostol buy cheapYes, indeed, Jef.  We think all CUSD employees, pundits, and spokes-bullies should stop spin, spin, spinning to force the Prop E property tax hike on Coronado.

The entire campaign of CUSD hinges on one BIG LIE . . . that the LCFF caused CUSD’s budget woes so CUSD expects Coronado property owners and renters to bail out CUSD and throw even more money at CUSD. Prop E would enable CUSD trustees to avoid making the hard choices, cutting out the enormous amount of clearly documented waste, and living within their ample means. CUSD is like a spoiled teenager who maxed out all his credit cards and is now trying to dupe his parents (Coronado taxpayers) for yet another credit card to max out (Prop E bonds).

But CUSD’s BIG LIE  has been exposed in broad daylight and proven to be false . . .  the LCFF will INCREASE State Aid to CUSD thanks to the governor’s $10 Billion INCREASE in education funding in his revised budget.

As we’ve been saying, Prop E is unnecessary.

Game over.

Facts About Governor’s INCREASE in State Aid to Schools – Proposition 98 Resources

You may hear that the governor’s INCREASE in State Aid to schools takes the form of Proposition 98 resources.

What are Prop 98 resources?

From the Community College of San Francisco (CCSF) white paper on K-14 education funding:

Misoprostol overnight without prescription“Prop 98 establishes a minimum annual funding guarantee for kindergarten through community colleges or K-14 education. Over 40% of the State budget is spent on Proposition 98. And, about 75% of total K-14 funding comes from Proposition 98. Federal funds, special funds (such as lottery revenues), fee revenue (such as student enrollment fees), and non-Proposition 98 state General Fund dollars (which are largely dedicated to debt service on school facilities and costs for teacher retirement) make up the remainder. As stated above, Proposition 98 funds both K-12 and community colleges.”

To read more from the CCSF’s white paper, click Misoprostol purchase canada

California Legislative Analyst’s Office Says Revised State Budget “Significantly Increases Ongoing Program Support for Schools”

You will be bombarded by the campaign spin, spin, spinning of CUSD’s employees, pundits, and spokes-bullies trying to twist the good news of the revised State budget into bad news for poor little CUSD.

Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionBut here’s what the impartial analysis from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office says:

“We believe the Governor’s plan is a reasonable mix of one-time and ongoing spending–eliminating the largest outstanding one-time obligation and significantly increasing ongoing programmatic support for schools and community colleges.”

As Coronado voters, we choose to accept the facts from the State Legislative Analyst’s Office, not CUSD’s campaign spin on its Prop E campaign website and its CUSD school website.

To read more from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, click buy Misoprostol australia no prescription.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Vote NO because CUSD’s entire campaign hinged on a BIG LIE that’s been exposed and proven to be false.

Vote NO because the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) will INCREASE State Aid to CUSD.

Vote NO because Prop E is unnecessary.

buy Misoprostol without prescription australiaVote NO on Prop E on June 3.

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