World Famous Think Tank Proves Prop E Won’t Help STUDENTS at CUSD – Vote NO on Prop E

World Famous Think Tank Proves Prop E is Just Another Education Spending Scam

WorldBased on our hundreds of years of collective experience and observations in school districts all over the USA, and ESPECIALLY at CUSD in Coronado, we understand that the Prop E property tax hike is just another education spending scam.

CUSD uses the same emotional buzzwords that school districts have been using all over the USA to hoodwink taxpayers into voting AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS by voting for property tax hikes upon themselves through increases in school bond debt financing: 

  • Save teachers by permitting smaller class sizes
  • Save math, science and arts programs by protecting quality of education.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Prop E is the same scam, different town.

Who agrees with us? One of the top think tanks in the WORLD.

Andrew J. Coulson, of the Cato Institute, authored a March 18, 2014 policy analysis entitled State Education Trends: Academic Performance and Spending Over the Last 40 Years.

Coulson’s comprehensive, sixty-page analysis is a must-read for anyone who truly cares about improving student achievement, academic performance and education outcomes.

In All 50 States, Over the Past 40 Years, Increases in Education Spending Levels Haven’t Improved Academic Performance

Scam alert cap and diplomaHere’s what Kevin Glass wrote about Coulson’s analysis on on March 20, 2014:

. . . [Coulson found] that not a single state was able to improve their education outcomes by increasing the amount of taxpayer money they spent on education.

Author Andrew J. Coulson writes:

Not only have dramatic spending increases been unaccompanied by improvements in performance, the same is true of the occasional spending declines experienced by some states. At one time or another over the past four decades, Alaska, California, Florida, and New York all experienced multi-year periods over which real spending fell substantially (20 percent or more of their 1972 expenditure levels). And yet, none of these states experienced noticeable declines in adjusted SAT scores—either contemporaneously or lagged by a few years. Indeed, their score trends seem entirely disconnected from their rising and falling levels of spending.

Overall, this can be summed up in one damning chart:

As you can see in black and white in the above chart, in all 50 states over the past 40 years:
  • Academic achievement in reading, math and science has remained basically unchanged,
  • Staffing of public school districts with administrators, directors, teachers, aides and others has skyrocketed, and
  • Spending of taxpayer dollars on public school districts has skyrocketed, too!
To read Glass’ entire piece on, click here.

To read Coulson’s sixty-page policy analysis document in PDF, click here.

The Right Vote on Prop E is NO!


Refuse to be hoodwinked by CUSD’s emotional buzzwords.

Prop E won’t “save teachers.”

Prop E won’t permit smaller class sizes.”

Prop E won’t “save math, science and arts programs.”

Prop E won’t “protect quality of education.”


CUSD’s campaign for the Prop E property tax hike is a ruse, a ploy, a scam to foist the financial burden of CUSD’s financial mismanagement of the School Pool upon Coronado taxpayers yet again.

Truth is, there’s absolutely NO CONNECTION between how much money Coronado taxpayers throw at CUSD and CUSD student achievement.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3 because it’s the right thing to do.


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