Fact: State Grant Formula Doesn’t Take Money Away from CUSD, Vote NO on Prop E

CUSD Blames Its Favorite Bogeyman – the State of California

pointing fingers buck passingThe State is Coronado’s favorite bogeyman.

Coronado elected officials point their fingers at the bogeyman State so often, it appears that they actually think their  job is to scapegoat the State of California.

No, it isn’t.

So what are the elected CUSD trustees, administrators and Prop E pundits up to now?

This time that old villain, the State, has adopted an evil Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF.

Is the LCFF really evil? No, of course not.

Is the State really the villain who is causing CUSD financial problems? No, of course not.

CUSD is Weeping and Wailing Over the LCFF – What’s All the Fuss About?

A California State Department of Education grant program for public schools, called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) increases fairness in state grant funding to high-needs students in order to:

  1. Prevent them from dropping out of school from K-12, and
  2. Help them move on to college and into careers.

happy-running-kidsAs part of their accountability for their local control, all public school districts are required to draft and implement Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) every three years in order to show the State how they are performing and whether they are meeting the above two goals.

These LCAPs require local oversight on the part of all public school districts.

The LCFF isn’t an unfunded mandate. It also bestows state grant funding for the purpose of local oversight. 

Get the Facts about LCFF from the California Department of Education Website Because CUSD’s Websites are False, Misleading and Chock Full of Spin

For the facts on LCFF, please go to the California Department of Education website by clicking here and here.

As expected, CUSD has failed to provide objective, unbiased information to Coronado voters.

The information on the CUSD school website and CUSD campaign website is extremely misleading. CUSD  is all about emotional hype.

spin roulette wheelCUSD’s obvious goal is to whip up voters into an emotional frenzy in order to vote for the Prop E property tax hike upon their friends, their neighbors and themselves.

It’s a hard sell. Truth is one the casualties in CUSD’s Prop E campaign.

As a result, the FAQs on the CUSD campaign website are devoid of relevant facts. Most of CUSD’s “answers” are wrong . . . wrong . . . wrong. CUSD’s spin will make you dizzy.

CUSD is gambling on the fact that you’ll be so dizzy from their spin that you’ll vote for the Prop E property tax hike AGAINST THE BEST INTERESTS of CUSD students, teachers, neighbors, friends and yourself.

The Facts about LCFF Grant Distribution on the California Legislative Analyst’s Office Website Prove CUSD’s Claim that “the State is Taking Money Away” from CUSD is Completely False

Here are more LCFF facts from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office:

Distributional Effects of Formula [LCFF]

Vast Majority of Districts to Receive More State Aid, No District to Get Less State Aid. The vast majority of districts will see significant increases in funding under the LCFF. That notwithstanding, statute further includes a “hold harmless” provision that specifies no district is to receive less state aid than it received in 2012–13. Specifically, no district is to receive less moving forward than it received last year for revenue limits (calculated on a per–ADA basis) and categorical programs (calculated based on the district’s total entitlement).

This means that CUSD’s incessant whining that they are going to receive “less money from the State” is completely false.

Crying man in suitUnder the “hold harmless” provision of the State statute implementing LCFF, California school districts won’t ever receive “less” money than they received in 2012-2013. Their base grants from the State will never decrease.

This also means that CUSD’s annoying complaints that “the State is taking money away from us” are completely false.

The State’s LCFF won’t take money away from CUSD. That’s a reason for CUSD to be thankful . . .  not whine that other districts with high-needs students are “getting more money” from State grants than CUSD.

CUSD, we suggest you adjust your attitude to one of gratitude for the obscene amount of public tax dollars that you receive each and every year just because you exist. Quit whining. Grow up. Take personal responsibility. Live within your ample means. Be a good example for your students. Stop being the poster child for fat cat, entitled, irresponsible school districts in California. Make us proud of you, not ashamed of you.

CUSD’s emotional and fact-free campaign to force the Prop E property tax on us doesn’t have the facts on the LCFF. CUSD’s school website and campaign website are false, misleading and wrong.

The Prop E “answers” in the FAQ section of CUSD’s campaign website are  . . . wrong . . . wrong . . . wrong.

The Prop E cartoon on the CUSD school website and the CUSD campaign website is . . . wrong . . . wrong . . . wrong.

For the real facts about the LCFF on the website of the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, click here.

Here’s What is Really Happening with the LCFF: High-Needs Students Get Help to Stay in School, Go to College and Embark on Careers

To increase equity in State grant funding for high-needs students in order to prevent them from dropping out of school and help them to get to college, the new LCFF helps ethnically diverse school districts with household income disparities by giving Foster children need homes have rightsthose districts more supplemental grants for high-needs students.

High-needs students are defined as:

  • Foster Children,
  • Students who receive Free or Reduced-Price Meals, or
  • English Learners.

A high-needs student can fall into one, two, or all three of the above categories.

San Diego foster children have rights. Click here.

CUSD Misleads Voters With False Comparison to San Diego Unified School District

CUSD misleads Coronado voters by making a false comparison between San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and CUSD when it comes to LCFF.

Through the LCFF formula, both SDUSD will receive base grants to help needy students that have been identified as needing extra help to stay in school, go to college, and find careers to support themselves. 

http://quimicosandes.com/30124-malegra-canada.htmlThe bogeyman-State isn’t “taking money away” from CUSD and “giving it to SDUSD.” That’s absolutely false.

Shame on CUSD trustees, administrators and certain teachers for spreading that BIG Lie all over our town . . . in their ads, on their school website, on their campaign website, in their emails, in their articles, in their conversations with voters. Shame on you!

Shame on arrogant Prop E pundits for spreading that BIG LIE, too. We suggest that before pundits open their mouths or keyboards, they check the facts. 

For LCFF supplemental grants SDUSD will receive funding based on the number of high-neeeds students. 

Extended family in living room smilingFor example, SDUSD has more English Learners (ELs) than CUSD. SDUSD has students from more than 15 ethnic groups who speak more than 60 different languages and dialects. Thus SDUSD will receive supplemental grants to help those high-needs students stay in school and move on to college and careers.

Also, SDUSD will receive more oversight grants because it has more than 132,000 students in 226 schools.

In contrast, CUSD has only around 2,800 students in 5 schools. So CUSD doesn’t need oversight grants like SDUSD does to oversee its LCAPs.

It’s important to note here that CUSD lacks integrity in reporting the number of students that attend school in Coronado. Thanks to CUSD’s lack of integrity, we can’t trust CUSD’s assertion on how many students actually attend school in our town.

boy in hundred dollar bill costume

CUSD has been caught with reporting discrepancies in its Average Daily Attendance (ADA) numbers by its own auditor.

ADA is another mechanism by which CUSD gets money, money, money from the State as State aid.

Read our prior article on the 21 major problems the auditor found in CUSD’s books, including CUSD getting caught with reporting discrepancies in its ADA numbers, by clicking here.

You won’t find relevant, true facts on the CUSD school website or CUSD campaign website. You’ll just get dizzy from all their pro-Prop E spin.

Please get the true facts about SDUSD and how the LCFF impacts SDUSD on the SDUSD website by clicking here and here.

The Real Comparison is CUSD and Del Mar Union School District

CUSD’s constant caterwauling that CUSD is “second to last in San Diego County” in State grant funding isn’t a valid argument to raise our property taxes through Prop E. CUSD should be ashamed of itself.  

del mar beachDel Mar Union school district (DMUSD) doesn’t top the list. Yet we don’t hear DMUSD hyperventilating over the LCFF.

But then again, the elected officials in Del Mar city and DUSD didn’t feed at the Redevelopment trough over the last several decades like greedy Coronado city and school officials did.

As an affluent, upscale beach town, Del Mar refused to take advantage of loopholes in California Redevelopment Law that was meant for selected blighted areas in large cities. Del Mar refused to declare itself “blighted.” Del Mar didn’t forge a devil’s bargain between Del Mar city and DMUSD. Del Mar refused to issue non-voter-approved Redevelopment Bonds.

As a direct result of their ethics, integrity, financial savvy, and common sense, Del Mar taxpayers don’t have the burden of the enormous off-balance-sheet Redevelopment Debts that Coronado taxpayers have weighing us down.

And DMUSD doesn’t lose property tax dollars to Redevelopment Debt repayment like CUSD does. 

del mar ca beachBy tradition DMUSD has led by example and taught its students valuable lessons about ethics, integrity and personal responsibility.

CUSD should take notes and try to do better.

First thing CUSD should do is to retract its ridiculous Prop E property tax hike from the ballot, look inward, and get its financial house in order.

CUSD, Prop E supporters and Prop E pundits should be ashamed of trying to rob Coronado households of hard-earned money through the Prop E property tax hike.

Del Mar School Bond Failed to Pass in 2012

DMUSD doesn’t have all the pretty new buildings that CUSD has because DMUSD didn’t go into Redevelopment Debt like CUSD did. DMUSD also doesn’t have the large maintenance bills for pretty new buildings like CUSD does. Del Mar Vote-Notook a pass on Redevelopment Debt financing because they didn’t consider their town “blighted” and they didn’t want to incur non-voter-approved Redevelopment Bond debts.

And still, DMUSD failed to pass a school bond on the ballot in 2012.

That bond was for $76.8 million. This was about $8.44 per $100,000 of assessed property value in Del Mar.

Read about DMUSD in the Carmel Valley News story by Karen Billing by clicking here.

Note that Benjamin Dolinka of the Dolinka Group appears to be advising DMUSD decide if they want to try on the ballot for a property tax hike in the future through either a General Obligation Bond (GOB) like Coronado’s Prop E, or a Parcel Tax which differs from a GOB.

spendthriftCUSD has been paying Dolinka Group as one of many outside consultants according to our reading of CUSD’s warrant lists. However, CUSD assistant superintendent Keith Butler was silent on whether CUSD hired Dolinka Group to “help” CUSD with Prop E. Butler only said that “Stone & Youngberg underwriters aren’t helping” with Prop E on one of the local social websites in town.

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. CUSD is very tight-lipped about how they spend OUR tax dollars, aren’t they? Perhaps Keith will be persuaded to tell the San Diego Superior Court Judge on May 9 what’s going on. He has a scheduled appearance there to tell the court why CUSD refuses to turn over its bank statements for public review and forensic audit by an individual hired by Coronado residents to review CUSD’s books.

Vote NO on Prop E

The Prop E supporters an pundits insult Coronado voters by spreading the Big Lie to force a property tax hike on us.

No, the State isn’t “taking money away from CUSD.”

No-on-Ev3-girl=phoneThe Prop E property tax hike is unnecessary.

Love your neighbors, your friends, your family and yourself.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.

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