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For reasons that defy logic and common sense, CUSD is crowing around town about how the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) took a NEUTRAL position on CUSD’s Prop E.

Misoprostol fedexFor those who may not know, a NEUTRAL position is NOT an endorsement. Only a YES vote recommendation is an endorsement.

SDCTPA failed to recommend a YES vote on CUSD’s Prop E. Therefore SDCTPA didn’t endorse CUSD’s Prop E. That means vote NO on Prop E, Coronado!

We explain in other places on this website why CUSD should be ashamed that SDCTPA failed to recommend a YES vote on CUSD’s Prop E. After all, SDCTPA has virtually never met a school bond debt financing scheme it didn’t like.

You can read our prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye article on the PROBLEMS that SDCTPA found in CUSD’s Prop E property tax hike scheme by clicking best place to buy Misoprostol online?.

There’s one more important fact about SDCTPA that you need to know.

SDCTPA Earned Public Scorn for Endorsing YES Vote on Poway School Bonds

In 2008, SDCTPA recommended a YES vote on the Poway Unified School District’s (PUSD’s) Prop C property tax hike for PUSD’s school bond financing scheme!

So you see, truly, SDCTPA has virtually never met a school bond proposition that they didn’t like.

Misoprostol buy cheapPUSD’s Prop C has been called “insane,” “beyond loan sharking,” and incapable of winning voter support “if PUSD had told the truth” about their tax hike scheme. And yet, SDCTPA recommended voters vote YES on PUSD’s Prop C in 2008! Truly outrageous.

You can read our prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye article about how CUSD should be ashamed that SDCTPA failed to endorse CUSD’s Prop E property tax hike by clicking Misoprostol overnight without prescription.

SDCTPA got into a lot of trouble with voters for recommending YES on the Poway school bond debt financing scheme.

SDCTPA Tried to Deflect Public Scorn by Giving “Grand Golden Fleece” Award to Poway Schools

You should know that in the August 6, 2012 VOSD article above, author Will Carless writes about SDCTPA’s endorsement for a YES vote on Poway’s insane school bond scheme to raise property taxes in Poway:

Indeed, [then-SDCTPA] President Lani Lutar’s name was first on a list of five local dignitaries named on the ballot as supporting the bond.

buy Misoprostol australia no prescriptionLutar said had she known the full implications of the bond, she would not have recommended the association support it.

The [SDCTPA] recently started studying capital appreciation bonds to fully understand their impact. Its main case study: Poway Unified.

Last month, [SDCTPA] changed its criteria for endorsing school bonds. In the future, it will ask districts how, exactly, they will finance their bonds. If a district plans on using expensive long-term capital appreciation bonds [CABs] like Poway’s, it won’t get the association’s backing.

“Poway should have been more forthright with us,” Lutar said. “Had we known then what we know now, we would probably have taken a different path.”

Naturally we ask, if CUSD’s Prop E bond doesn’t use expensive long-term CABs like Poway, then why did SDCTPA fail to endorse CUSD’s Prop E?

The answer is: Because CUSD’s Prop E must be really, really bad.

SDCTPA Doesn’t Represent Taxpayers

Also, note that in his May 11, 2013 San Diego Reader article, author Don Bauder quotes a blogger W.C. Varones as writing:

buy Misoprostol without prescription australiaThe San Diego County Taxpayers Association represents developers and crony capitalist interests, not taxpayers. It is a pay-to-play organization, and its board and executive committee are a who’s who of people doing business with government agencies.

So true.

That’s why Coronado voters should follow the recommendations of:

  • San Diego Tax Fighters and
  • Coronado Taxpayers Association for Excellence in Public Education . . .

. . . and vote NO on Prop E on June 3! 



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