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As we’ve said in prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye articles, CUSD isn’t being honest with Coronado voters. That’s a fact.

CUSD hasn’t told us how they’re going to spend the property tax hike money proposed by the Prop E school bonds.

Misoprostol fedexThis fact is validated by San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) who noted in black and white that CUSD wasn’t honest with them, too.

In their analysis of Prop E, SDCTPA stated several times that in several areas CUSD failed to provide important information to SDCTPA that SDCTPA had requested.

The truth is that CUSD hasn’t provided important information for their proposed property tax hike in CUSD’s Prop E bond financing scheme. As such, CUSD has a unlimited nerve demanding that Coronado voters approve a tax hike on Coronado homeowners and renters with Prop E.

SDCTPA Notes Several Problems With CUSD’s Prop E Tax Hike Scheme

SDCTPA noted several problems with CUSD’s Prop E property tax hike. They are BIG RED FLAGS for Coronado voters!

best place to buy Misoprostol online?Here are three of those problematic BIG RED FLAGS. SDCTPA notes in its materials:

  1. On page 6 of 13 that: SDCTA requested information pertaining to the actual costs of the projects but the information has not been provided [by CUSD]. 
  2.  On page 8 of 13 that: The District [CUSD] has not provided future costs estimates from bond proceeds aside from annual maintenance costs and COPs payments.
  3. On pages 9-11 of 13 that: CUSD has failed to meet SDCTPA criteria for recommending YES vote on Prop E in three categories: Program Description, Program Budget & Funding, and Program Execution Plan.

If you have time, you can read the full SDCTPA analysis of the failings of CUSD’s Prop E by clicking Misoprostol buy cheap.

SDCTPA Failed to Endorse YES Vote for CUSD’s Prop E

Misoprostol overnight without prescriptionBecause of CUSD’s missing information that they failed to provide upon request, SDCTPA failed to endorse a YES vote on CUSD’s Prop E.

Since SDCTPA usually endorses YES votes on such bonds, it’s highly significant that they failed to do so for the Prop E tax hike scheme.

Coronado Voters Should Follow SDCTPA and Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Coronado voters should do the same as SDCTPA.

Misoprostol purchase canadaClearly CUSD has failed to provide Coronado voters with important information on their Prop E tax hike scheme.

Since SDCTPA wouldn’t recommend a YES vote on Prop E without important information, Coronado voters should do the same and vote NO on Prop E.

Prop E is too risky. CUSD has failed to provide us with important information on how they’re going to spend the Prop E bond money they seek. 

CUSD has raised too many unanswered questions in their failure to provide important information to SDCTPA as well as to Coronado voters.

So Coronado voters, vote NO on Prop E on June 3!

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