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The board members of San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTPA) have almost never met a school bond they didn’t like.

SDCTPA board usually always recommends YES on such public bond debt financing schemes because they are usually intended for CAPITAL improvement projects in school districts around San Diego County.

The reason for their usually enthusiastic support of school bonds is that SDCTPA is composed of all of the people who stand to gain financially through new business when public bonds for CAPITAL project costs are passed —

  • Builders & developers
  • Construction project managers
  • Capital project “study” designers & authors
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • And the like.

SDCTPA Doesn’t Represent Taxpayers

As noted in the San Diego Reader:

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association represents developers and crony capitalist interests, not taxpayers. It is a pay-to-play organization, and its board and executive committee are a who’s who of people doing business with government agencies.

You can read more about the San Diego Reader article by clicking best place to buy Misoprostol online?.


When the SDCTPA board FAILS to recommend a YES vote on a school bond proposition, there is something really wrong with that particular school bond.

Misoprostol buy cheapSo the fact that SDCTPA FAILED to recommend a YES vote on Coronado Proposition E speaks volumes.

SDCTPA’s tepid NEUTRAL statement tells us everything we need to know.

It’s obvious to us that SDCTPA recognizes that the Prop E bond proceeds are meant to pay CUSD’s OPERATING costs, not CAPITAL project costs. Since the SDCTPA board doesn’t have the opportunity to gain financially from Prop E, they’re staying NEUTRAL.

Cause for CUSD’s Embarrassment

To us SDCTPA’s tepid NEUTRAL statement is nothing for CUSD to crow about as they do in their campaign.

It is, however, a cause for their embarrassment.

We think that if Prop E was a normal school bond without red warning flags, then SDCTPA would have enthusiastically recommended a YES vote.  Instead STCPTA failed to do so.

Prop E is a Non-Starter

CUSD’s failure to get a YES recommendation from SDCTPA is a big red flag that Prop E is a non-starter

It’s wrong for CUSD to pay for OPERATING costs with school bond DEBT. Debt includes principal plus interest as the cost of debt service.

How is it wrong? Prop E is a slippery slope of financial mismanagement.

Prop E is CUSD’s way of “kicking the can” and refusing to make the hard choices now to balance their annual budgets and keep their costs down.

In reality, we understand that SDCTPA’s NEUTRAL statement confirms that the right thing to do is  . . . VOTE NO on E on June 3!  




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