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Misoprostol fedexProp E Won’t Save Teachers

Reasonable people think that, in the scheme of things, CUSD seems unconcerned with teachers.

When you look at the facts, they’re right.

Teachers and pink slips are the dramatic, emotional ploy that CUSD . . . desperate to manipulate Coronado taxpayers into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS by voting for the Prop E property tax hike . . . uses to whip up voters into an emotional frenzy to “save” teachers jobs.

In reality, CUSD’s looooong official project list that accompanies its Prop E materials is long on “tech” best place to buy Misoprostol online?upgrades and projects . . . and silent on teachers’s salaries. 

CUSD could follow other school districts and purchase laptops and iPads as part of their “tech” upgrades.

Many teachers around the country resist computer technology in the classroom because technology robs students of valuable interactions with teachers.

In fact, it’s possible that CUSD added language that misleads voters by inserting this phrase into it’s pro-school bond ballot measure Prop E:

 . . .”to permit smaller classes . . .”

CUSD enrollment is decreasing. There no Baby Boom 2 on the horizon.

Misoprostol buy cheapCUSD is desperately recruiting students from other towns to its Coronado campuses . . . and its new online school called Pathways.

CUSD has been caught by the auditor inflating its student enrollment numbers . . . fudging the average daily attendance, called ADA. ClickMisoprostol overnight without prescriptionto read our prior article about CUSD’s shocking and disappointing audit results where the auditor found 21 problems with CUSD’s books, including inflating its student enrollment numbers.

CUSD class size naturally will shrink . . . and Prop E will have nothing to do with it.

A Lego program in Middle School

A Lego program in Middle School teaches principles of math and the science of engineering.

Prop E Won’t Save School Programs


By the same token, Prop E won’t save school programs.

It’s another one of CUSD’s dramatic, emotional ploys the CUSD uses to manipulate Coronado taxpayers into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS.


Just like above, it’s possible that CUSD added language that misleads voters by inserting this phrase into it’s pro-school bond ballot measure Prop E:

“. . . continue advanced programs in math, science and the arts . . .”

Prop E Property Tax Hike Money Will Pay off Old School Debt, Not Save Teachers or Programs

All the evidence says that CUSD is going to use the Prop E property tax hike money to pay off CUSD’s enormous old debts . . . not to save teachers and programs.

Misoprostol purchase canadaAs a result, Prop E doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance on the campfire of saving teachers and programs.

Prop E Property Tax Hike Money Will “Free Up” Our Tax Dollars in the General Fund

This is red warning flag language that CUSD uses in its community propaganda:

Prop E will “free up” money in our General Fund.

Voters should be afraid . . . be very afraid of that language.

CUSD means by that phrase that it wants the Prop E property tax hike money in order to pay its Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionOPERATING COSTS.

ALL school bonds, including Prop E school bonds, are supposed to pay for CAPITAL costs . . . not OPERATING costs.

That “free up” language by CUSD is “kick the can” language.

It’s also a dangerous precedent . . . a slippery slope . . . that means CUSD refuses to make the hard choices and reasonable budget cuts to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS.

If you raise property taxes for YOU and your NEIGHBORS to give CUSD Prop E school bonds, you open the floodgate for CUSD to come back to the ballot again in the near future to manipulate voters into VOTING AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS . . . again . . . for another property tax hike . . . again . . . for another school bond . . . again.

buy Misoprostol australia no prescriptionFool voters once, shame on CUSD.

Fool voters twice, shame on Coronado voters.

Don’t give CUSD even ONE chance to fool you.

Vote NO on Prop 3 on June 3!

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