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Prop E is too risky.

Prop E won’t protect the “quality of education” according to CUSD’s own campaign materials.

Misoprostol buy cheapCUSD is pulling at our heartstrings . . . telling our community that we must vote for Proposition E for the children. CUSD’s appeal is very emotional, very dramatic. . . and very MISLEADING!

There’s absolutely no guarantee that the Prop E bond proceeds will do anything to protect the “quality of education” for Coronado public school STUDENTS.

In reality, Prop E bond proceeds will pay back old school debt . . . and there is an awful lot of it . . . far more than the $29 million bond face value that CUSD seeks through Proposition E.

Prop E won’t help students.

Prop E won’t preserve the quality of education.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!


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