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Prop E is Bad for Coronado Here’s proof that CUSD has failed its homework. CUSD failed its due diligence and failed to disclose the negative impacts of Prop E bonds upon our Coronado community homeowners. As a result, there are too

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Prop E is too risky. Prop E won’t protect the “quality of education” according to CUSD’s own campaign materials. CUSD is pulling at our heartstrings . . . telling our community that we must vote for Proposition E for the

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Here’s why the Coronado Taxpayers Association for Excellence in Public Education (CTPAEPE) recommends a NO vote on Prop E on June 3: CUSD is WRONG to bring THIS to the voters after grossly mismanaging their finances. Prop E is a property

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Make Your Voluntary Donations to CUSD Do you want to pay even more of your hard-earned money to the Coronado public school district? If so, we suggest that you calculate what YOUR property tax hike would be if YOU paid

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  Emotional Scare Tactics are a Sign of Weakness The cornerstone of CUSD’s bond campaign is an emotional scare tactic. Emotional scare tactics aren’t a sign of strong leadership. They’re a sign of weakness. CUSD says they will let go teachers if you don’t

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  Maxed Out Credit Cards CUSD maxed out all their credit cards and ran up enormous debts they can’t pay without making reasonable budget cuts. But CUSD refuses to make the hard choices and impose reasonable budget cuts. Like an

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