CUSD Trustee Refused to Answer Questions About Prop E, Vote NO on Prop E

young studen with books don't raise my parents' property taxesCUSD Refused to Answer Questions About Prop E . . . Again

Oh, brother. It’s worse than we thought.

First the buy Lyrica online CUSD superintendent who is very, very highly paid with OUR tax dollars, refused to answer many questions about Prop E and the effect Prop E will have on Coronado homeowners.  Click enter here to read our prior article and see the evidence in black and white.

Next, the click superintendent said on Thursday April 10 at 7:31 pm during the “exclusive Shores forum” at the Roeder Pavilion in the Coronado Shores that a community leader who is a retired from the military “endorses Prop E.” That’s not true. He doesn’t.

Now, a CUSD trustee refused to answer the same questions that the CUSD superintendent failed to answer. You can see it in black and white in the below email exchanges.

CUSD’s pro-bond campaign is a miserable failure because CUSD tax hike cheerleaders refuse to tell the truth about Prop E.

Read in black and white below how elected CUSD trustee Bruce Shepherd’s two emails to voter, homeowner and taxpayer Pete Fagan, Esq. earn trustee Shepherd an F grade, just like the CUSD superintendent earned earlier.

April 6 Email from CUSD Trustee Bruce Shepherd to Pete Fagan, Esq., Voter, Homeowner & Taxpayer

From: Bruce Shepherd

To: Pete Fagan, Esq.

F grade

Sent: Sun, Apr 6, 2014 9:54 pm

Subject: Re: CUSD Data

I believe that Jeff Felix provided a response to you earlier this week. I thought his answers were good and thoughtful. [CUSD superintendent Jeff’s answers were incomplete and dismissive.] No, I am not refusing to answer your question, but before I apply more time to answering your questions, I would want to know the areas over which you continue to have any confusion, so as to not duplicate efforts. [CUSD trustee Bruce refuses to answer Pete’s questions and insultingly refers to Pete as “having confusion.” Pete isn’t “confused.” Like all of us, Pete naturally has questions about the negative effects of Prop E because CUSD is hiding important and relevant information in order to make it impossible for Coronado voters to make an informed vote. Pete’s questions seek important and relevant answers for all voters. But, if voters know the truth about Prop E, they’ll vote NO on Prop E on June 3. So, just like CUSD superintendent Jeff, CUSD trustee Bruce must stonewall voters who ask questions. Stonewalling is a dishonorable tactic in public agencies such as CUSD, where the LAW requires transparency.]

On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Pete Fagan wrote to Bruce Shepherd:


I have not received a response from you on these important and relevant questions regarding the bond issue basis that you are supporting.

Can I regard your non-response as an official “refused to answer” or are you gathering the data to respond?


cropped-chalkboard21.jpg—–Original Message—–
From: Pete Fagan . . .
To: Bruce Shepherd . . .
Sent: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 10:26 am
Subject: CUSD Data

As we approach election day and voting on the School bond issue, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. In order to make a better decision on how to vote, can you please answer the following questions:

1. How many school aged children who live in Coronado go to private schools such as Francis Parker, Bishops, OLP, etc.

2. How much money does CUSD contribute annually to maintain the pool?

3. How much has the school district received from new construction funds in Coronado for each of the past 5 years?

4. What is the annual salary for each of the following for each of the past 5 years, and what is the name of the person serving in each capacity?

money bills stacksa. Superintendent

b. Assistant Superintendent for Business Services (CBO)

c. Assistant Superintendent for Student Services (CSSO)

d. Director of Curriculum & Instruction

e. Director of Human Resources

f. Technology Coordinator

g. Director of Aquatics

h. Principals of each school

5. What benefits does each of these employees receive, to include bonuses if any for each of the past five years?

6. What efforts have been made [by CUSD] to lobby for more money from the state, state senators, and state representatives?

7. What efforts have been made [by CUSD]  to obtain additional impact funds from the federal government due to the large military population?

No-on-Ev3-girl=phone8. How many property owners in Coronado have children currently attending schools within CUSD?

9. How many property owners are there in Coronado?

10. How many registered voters are there in Coronado?

11. How many of the registered voters in Coronado own property in Coronado?

12. How many of the registered voters in Coronado have children currently attending schools within CUSD?

Please also confirm the following information that appears on the CUSD web site as being accurate:

A. 41% of students are military affiliated

B. 10% of students are Inter district transfers

easy money rainC. Board voted in 2011 to give the Superintendent a “Supplemental Retirement Plan” in addition to his regular retirement plan

School year Amount

2011/2012 $5,000

2012/2013 $10,000

2013/2014 $20,000

2014/2015 $35,000

Bruce Shepherd

April 8 Email from CUSD Trustee Bruce Shepherd to Pete Fagan, Esq., Voter, Homeowner & Taxpayer

pinocchio long noseFrom: Bruce Shepherd

To: Pete Fagan, Esq.

Sent: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 11:11 am

Subject: Re: CUSD Data

Pete: I do not agree with all of the statements in your email, but in any event, I understand that the Superintendent is preparing a supplemental response to your request. [A classic avoidance and brush-off email from a CUSD trustee. He gives a meaningless generality with no specific facts. He answers no questions.]

On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Pete Fagan . . . wrote to Bruce Shepherd:

Jeff did not respond to the questions. Although he provided some information, it was not responsive to the questions that I believe were relevant and important to the issue.

spin roulette wheelHe did not provide the names and salaries of the officials requested, but rather referred me to a link with a generalized pay schedule. The schedule doesn’t reveal the actual amounts paid for each person over each of the past five years as requested. As you may see, the schedule provides a broad range of pay for each position. Clearly, you and Jeff see that I am trying to see what these officials are paid and how that pay has changed in the last five years, as well as benefits. There is a lot of “spin” but I am looking for numbers and facts. I am looking for numbers to fill the blanks. He also would not confirm that the information I provided from the web site was accurate.

While the district may not be “required” to maintain certain demographic information regarding residents, property owners, children residing in the district but attending schools not within the district, I would think that this man in suit secretly pocketing money billsinformation would be critical for the board to consider in making the decision to float a bond issue. In response to his incomplete responses, I asked that my requests be treated as a request under the California Public Records Act. As you know, he has 10 days to respond.

I would like to know the demographic information requested as well as complete pay and benefits information for the senior officials over each of the past five years. I am concerned that in the face of this fiscal crisis, as it has been described, that senior administrators have received increases in pay, benefits, and “supplemental” retirement benefits, while teachers have been provided lay off notices. The district continues to fund the deficit in the pool (Jeff talks about “estimates” but I am looking for facts, as it is the “estimates” that got the district in trouble in the first place.)

I would appreciate your candid and transparent responses to these issues.


Pete Fagan

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

CUSD’s refusal to answer questions about Prop E and its negative effects on Coronado homeowners earns CUSD a giant NO Prop E.

boy-thumbs-down-NO-v11.jpgCUSD’s giving a voter the run-around and stonewall, instead of answers to his relevant and important questions, also earns CUSD a giant NO on Prop E.

Plus, the CUSD superintendent’s untrue statement about a retired military leader’s “endorsement” of Prop E earns CUSD a giant NO on Prop E. It’s not true. The retired military leader doesn’t endorse Prop E.

CUSD isn’t honest, open and transparent with us about Prop E because voters who know the truth will vote NO on Prop E .

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!


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