CUSD Shouts BOO, But Don’t Be Scared. Vote NO on Prop E


Halloween kitten in witch hatEmotional Scare Tactics are a Sign of Weakness

The cornerstone of CUSD’s bond campaign is an emotional scare tactic.

Emotional scare tactics aren’t a sign of strong leadership. They’re a sign of weakness.

CUSD says they will let go teachers if you don’t give them their Prop E bonds.

Empty Threats Reveal a Lack of Leadership

We think CUSD is merely making another one of their empty threats to tug at the heartstrings of parents.

In the first place, at regular intervals over the past several years, CUSD has given out pink slips to teachers . . . along with the proviso to ignore those pink slips because they’re just handing them out to make themselves look financially responsible.

CUSD told us they had no intention of making good on those pink slips.

In fact, they always managed to retract those pink slips in the past.

halloween cat in pumpkinCynical Ploy Disappoints Us

In the second place, CUSD recently made a dramatic show of letting go of some teachers. But what if those teachers were hired after other employers instituted hiring freezes? Then CUSD would be financially irresponsible by initiating those late hires.

We think those teachers were hired as a cynical ploy to first pad the payroll and then make a big show of shallow budget cuts. In this way, those late hired teachers provided a fake buffer to protect administrators from salary and benefit reductions and from being let go instead of teachers.

And what about the top-heavy administration of CUSD? Why haven’t administrators suffered consequences? Why is CUSD targeting students as the only ones who will suffer in all of this?

Do you think CUSD’s recycling of a four-year-old, empty threat from a 2010 memo to reduce salaries AND work hours for administrators is strong leadership? No.  It’s further evidence of additional weakness.

We’re not scared by CUSD’s empty threats to let go teachers. And you shouldn’t be scared either.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3!

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