CUSD Hides Public Information About OUR Tax Dollars That CUSD Received and Spent, Vote NO on Prop E

Girl Playing Hide and Seek in ParkCUSD Hides Public Financial Information from the Public

CUSD is withholding important information from Coronado taxpayers and voters.

CUSD is being sued by an individual who has been hired by Coronado taxpayers to review CUSD’s books and conduct a forensic audit.  A forensic audit is required because it’s the only way to see what CUSD did with OUR tax dollars.

As noted in our prior article source site here, some of the 21 problems found by an auditor is that CUSD has:

(1) Significant deficiencies identified with CUSD’s financial statements [This means we can’t trust CUSD’s books.]

(2) Significant deficiencies identified with CUSD’s State awards [This means CUSD isn’t properly disclosing and spending the amount of money it gets from the State.]

(3) No Internal Control Over Payroll: Departments don’t obtain prior approval for overtime and there are no controls to ensure budget is not exceeded. [This means CUSD isn’t even trying to stick to a budget.]

Scam alert cap and diplomaCUSD Was Sued in Court Because It Refuses to Turn Over Public Information About Public Finances

To read about how CUSD refuses to turn over public information about their public finances . . . how they spend OUR tax dollars . . . click here and here.

CUSD is also hiding its debt service payments from the public with inter-bank transfers that aren’t reported to the public. Apparently the CUSD trustees aren’t cognizant of these debt payments either and CUSD parents aren’t putting pressure on CUSD trustees to disclose this information.

All we can say is, from our observations of how things work in other cities around the USA, public school superintendents, trustees and other school personnel are held to a high standard for professionalism and transparency that is lacking in Coronado at CUSD.

Vote NO on Prop E

cropped-chalkboard21.jpgSince CUSD isn’t being honest with us about how much of OUR tax dollars they receive and how much of OUR tax dollar s they spend, CUSD doesn’t deserve ADDITIONAL tax dollars from US in the form of the Prop E property tax hike.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.

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