“Class Size” is a Scam, Vote NO on Prop E

class size scare tacticsThe Scam: “Class Size”

We explained that “quality of education” is a ruse used by CUSD to pull at voters’ heartstrings in order to persuade them to vote against the best interests of our community for the Prop E property tax hike.

So, too, “class size” is a scam.

By the way, did you know the middle school classrooms in China have up to 150 students? They are well-behaved and focused on learning. Chinese students far surpass California students in virtually every subject of learning, including math and science.

Middle school classroom full in ChinaIn truth, “class size” doesn’t guarantee “quality of education.” It’s a scam.

CUSD is pushing “quality of education” and “class size” in their ballot materials, along with their community propaganda, as reasons to vote for the Prop E property tax hike.

But in reality, CUSD won’t spend the proposed Prop E tax hike money on either “education quality” or “class size.”

Instead, CUSD plans to spend the Prop E tax hike money on:

  • School pool debts and ongoing school pool operating costs, and
  • “Tech” which goes obsolete virtually immediately and CUSD is supposed to pay out of the General Fund, not bond debt with principle plus interest.

pool-lap-swimmersThe Scam Explained

Read the facts about the CUSD “quality of education” ruse in our prior KissTheSchoolBondGoodbye.com article by clicking here.

The same facts apply to the “class size” scam.

Forget CUSD’s community propaganda and worthless campaign promises. They aren’t worth the paper upon which they’re written.

When you read ALL of the official documentation, it’s painfully obvious that CUSD doesn’t intend to spend the proposed Prop E property tax hike money on “class size” or “quality of education.”

cropped-chalkboard21.jpgThe Only Option: Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Don’t be fooled into voting for the scam, the ploy, the ruse.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3, Coronado!

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