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Read All 11 Pages of Ballot Materials

Misoprostol fedexThe San Diego Registrar of Voters published the complete Prop E materials on their website.

Click best place to buy Misoprostol online? to read all eleven pages of Prop E ballot materials.

Click Misoprostol buy cheap to read our prior article on how to understand the Prop E materials.

Ballot Materials Prove Prop E is Too Risky & Too Expensive

The ballot materials prove that Prop E is too risky and too expensive.


Because according to the COUNTY COUNSEL’s IMPARTIAL ANALYSIS, the Prop E property tax hike will cost us a lot more in principal and interest than CUSD would have us believe with their rosy promises. And the Prop E property tax hike will burden us for a far longer duration than CUSD would like us to believe. In reality, the Prop E school bonds can Misoprostol overnight without prescriptionhave a legal interest rate UP TO 12% and a legal duration of UP TO 40 years. Yikes! That’s an expensive and burdensome tax hike.

Because in CUSD’s TAX RATE STATEMENT submitted by CUSD superintendent Jeff Felix, his extensive and untitled legal disclaimer proves that CUSD’s rosy promises of low interest rates and a short term property tax hike aren’t legally binding on CUSD and aren’t legally enforceable by Coronado taxpayers. CUSD’s “best estimates” from unidentified “official sources” that three bond issues at the low 1% interest rate will be paid off by Coronado property taxpayers in 10 years is silly. CUSD doesn’t control the bond market so it’s silly of CUSD representatives to make unrealistic promises that they can’t keep.

In reality, the Prop E property tax hike is going to COST a lot more and burden us for MORE YEARS than CUSD would like us to believe. Yikes! That’s an expensive and burdensome tax hike.

Vote NO on Prop E on June 3

Misoprostol purchase canadaIt’s ok to vote NO on Prop E.

Vote NO because you don’t want to risk an expensive tax hike on your family, your neighbors, your friends and yourself.

Vote NO because you like your family, your neighbors, your friends and yourself.

Vote NO because no one deserves another burdensome property tax hike in Coronado. Enough is enough!

Vote NO because CUSD doesn’t deserve another credit card to pay off the other credit cards they maxed out. Enough is enough!

Vote NO because CUSD will survive without Prop E school bonds.

Misoprostol online sale without prescriptionIn fact, a CUSD trustee admitted that CUSD doesn’t need Prop E school bonds. Read our prior article called Bombshell Admission: CUSD Trustee Admits CUSD Doesn’t Need Prop E Bonds, Vote NO on Prop E by clicking buy Misoprostol australia no prescription.

In reality, CUSD will be fine when Prop E fails.

Do the right thing: Vote NO on Prop E on June 3.


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