Rebuttal Argument AGAINST Coronado Proposition E – Vote NO on Prop E

Say NO to Propety Tax IncreaseBonds are SUPPOSED to be for capital expenditures — constructing new schools. etc. We are ALREADY paying for such school bonds issued earlier.

But this new bond seems to be primarily for OPERATING costs — using much of the bond money for short term expenditures normally covered by the general fund. This ruse allows the school board to avoid having to make the hard budget choices by controlling expenses.

For instance, it appears that the bond money can be spent on “tech,” which normally is purchased with general fund money. Apparently this bond money can be spent on computers — even iPads.

student with iPadSome local districts have used bond money for iPads — it’s not gone well because iPads have a tendency to disappear or be broken. Furthermore these school districts grossly overpaid for these tablets because of bond interest. Finally, new software and improved tech often makes a computer or iPad obsolete in 2-5 years.

This bond ploy is “kicking the can down the road” — avoiding the tough cost control decisions we all have to make in our personal lives. Isn’t it likely that, in a few years, the board will come back for more bonds for operating costs — or perhaps bonds to pay off bonds?

It’s not just the COST of the bonds. It’s the PRECEDENT of using long term debt for general fund expenditures — a slippery slope.

Our federal, state and local tax rates and “fees” continue to increase. Here’s one time we can say “ENOUGH!”

Vote NO on E.

Ballot argument signed by:

1) ALEENE M. QUEEN, Homeowner & Taxpayer

2) ERICA A. GAPP, California State Certified Teacher & Taxpayer

3) ALEXANDRA BRY, ESQ., Homeowner & Taxpayer

4) MICHAEL GAPP, Taxpayer

5) RICHARD RIDER, Chairman of San Diego Tax Fighters.


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