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Misoprostol overnight without prescriptionVote NO on this risky, wasteful, unaffordable property tax hike.

CUSD wants to burden property taxpayers with new School Bond Debt while we’re still paying off the old School Bond Debt.

Homeowners may face property tax hikes and fee hikes in the City’s Wastewater, Stormwater, Golf Course, Redevelopment Debt and CalPERS Pension Debt areas. Renters face rent increases because such hikes are passed through to them.

Enough is enough!

Misoprostol purchase canada

They say: This new School Bond Debt measure “protects” homeowners.

               REALITY: This measure seeks to overturn the only true protection we have — Proposition 13 — by raising our property taxes above the constitutional limit.

They say: CUSD is in trouble because “the State changed the funding formula.”

               REALITY: CUSD is in trouble because of its overspending problem. The School Board already gave notice of their intent to default on their Redevelopment Bond Debt that they incurred without voter approval.

~ They say: This new School Bond Debt will “only pay for capital costs” as required by law.

               REALITY: It’s a shell game that sneaks around the law by “freeing up” funds to pay non-capital costs — CUSD’s operating costs, old School Bond Debt, School Pool Debt, CalSTRS Pension Debt, and Redevelopment Bond Debt.

~ They say: CUSD “can’t cut its way out” of its financial problems.

               REALITY:  Other employers cut costs and froze hiring years ago, but CUSD unreasonably raised salary and benefits for employees including the Superintendent. CUSD only froze hiring this year.

~ They say: If you vote NO, CUSD will be “decimated.”

               REALITY:  If you vote NO, CUSD will simply have to live within its means, like most Americans.

~ They say: This new debt measure is “innovative, creative, unique.”

               REALITY It’s plain wrong. CUSD can’t dig itself out of its old debt by adding this new School Bond Debt.

Vote NO on E on June 3!

Ballot argument signed by:

1) THOMSON PRAY, Homeowner & Taxpayer

2) GERALD TOCI, President of Coronado Taxpayers Association for Excellence in Public Education

3) ANN GLICK MITCHELL, Homeowner & Taxpayer

4) JANE MITCHELL, Taxpayer & Coronado High School Graduate

5) JAMES R. MILLS, Retired California State Senator.

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